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Apps DriveVibe - Body Shaker 0.9

Body Shaker - Simulate your seat

  1. PanaRace970 submitted a new resource:

    DriveVibe - Body Shaker - Body Shaker - Simulate your seat

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  2. Very interesting! I must try this. Normal bass speakers works the same way as bodyshakers, right? I break a bass speaker for instance and maybe build some frame around it to give it some flexibility etc.. Trying to save the last pennies here :D
  3. No, regular bass speakers won't be good. The body shakers are just magnets and therefore create very little "air waves" but vibrations on what they are attached to. You can start with one and often an amp is also available for testing.
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  4. Where do the files go or are the stand alone?
  5. I hope the .exe runs by itself. It should need the fmod.dll which is in the same dir. Just try running it and see what happens. It should open a black window with some text. Initially it waits 7 seconds when a new AC session starts as this is the time AC needs to calibrate the camber of the car.
    When it sends a vibe to the left/right channel of the rear speaker, it draws an X or #. You'll see it when you have the black window infront of your AC screen.

    It the .exe doesn't run, please make sure you have a 4 speaker setup.
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  6. Works good with the buttkicker, Great Job!
  7. Does this alter the rear channel sounds, so after this I can't hear the sounds coming from rear neither front or rear speakers? Or does it just send this "vibe"? I imagine I can't use rear input for normal speakers after having this "vibe"
  8. Thanks for the feedback, glad it worked.
  9. It doesn't alter the normal sounds played on the rear left/right channels (if any). It plays additional sounds on the left/right rear channels. The played sounds are about 40 Hz. So you can still connect regular speakers to the rear output. The front speaker sounds are not touched.
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  10. Love this, and look forward to updates.
    This has made my driving rig a different experience altogether playing pcars with the Rift.
    Thanks to the programmer.
  11. Great Job, just installed it and works like a charm.
  12. This is incredible! Just what I needed without all that configuration complexity of X-Sim.
  13. Any Chance you could make nascar 2003 from papy work?
  14. Hi, would this work with one butt kicker or would I need two?

  15. Works fine with one.
  16. How do we set it to just one bass shaker or do you just leave it as it is?

  17. Just leave it as it is.
  18. Hey guy

    Thanks for your good work
    With the update "FMOD", it would be important to update your application, new version of the DLL "FMOD".