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Drivers cheating on the Practice server

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. After seeing some suspicious times on the PB list, DD asked me to look at a few drivers from the server log files.

    So here's what I found:

    2012_09_24_21_30_42-41S1.xml - Stoffel Vandoorne joins the server without a mismatch, fastest lap 31.1

    2012_09_25_11_31_54-09S1.xml - Stoffel Vandoorne joins the server with a mismatch, does a 41.377 S2 before another driver (Radivojevic) joins the server, and then Vandoorne leaves without setting a laptime.

    2012_09_25_12_25_11-85S1.xml - Stoffel Vandoorne joins the server with a mismatch, does 2 laps: 1:30.915, 1:30.640 and then leaves the server

    2012_09_25_16_12_43-40S1.xml - Mathieu Jaminet joins the server with a mismatch, does a couple laps until another driver (Gosbee) joins the server. 3 seconds later Jaminet leaves the server, and rejoins 51 seconds later without a mismatch. Fastest lap after rejoining, 1:31.5

    Chat during the session:

    2012_09_25_16_44_35-06S1.xml - Mathieu Jaminet joins the server with a mismatch and sets two laptimes: 1:35.960, 1:30.818

    So basicly these two were driving on the server with planned .tdf mismatches (.tdf files are used for grip values among other things), driving unrealistic laptimes and then trying to get other people to send them setups, offering in return these "30.6" setups.

    The Club will discuss this matter and then decide what penalties to hand out to these two drivers, and any other drivers we might find doing this at a later date.
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  2. ATR rules

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  3. I have just one word. Disappointed.
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  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Wow! And they were both unlicensed already. Makes you wonder.

    Wow, just wow.
  5. Why is ATR or anything that is in shadow led by christensen allowed to participate?
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  6. Honestly I don't think talking about ATR can be the right path, like ATR is kind of a "BORG" team governing minds. ATR or not when it's down to cheating you're an individual who decides to do the lowest thing possible in our hobby. ATR or not you decide to go as low as such a thing requires and for me it's indeed down to an individual responsibility first of all.
    If something can kill our fun, our passion for this, for sure that's cheaters and they're lucky it's not me deciding about the penalties.
    And it appears like this was done with a specific and planned purpose, well plain cheating and directly cheating other members.
    I will not use any word, but I think punishment should be superhard!
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  7. That's very sad :(
  8. [​IMG]

    Really disappointing.

    Good job to figure it out!
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  9. wtf and i thought i was very slow again
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  10. not the only one pattrick
  11. So my thoughts weren't completely wrong: when I was leaving the server Jaminet had done 31.5. And his best sectors wouldn't have suggested anything below 31.3. Then few minutes later I checked live timing and 30.8 WTF

    Mikko Suokas
  12. Ok, guys, just to explain the situation:
    I made this fast time to let the others think they still had to practice more
    I tought it was not illegal to do that on the public server.
    I would never do this on the official race server! If somebody wants to know my time without the .tdf mismatch, its a 1.30.8 ;)
    And the thing with Jaminet: I wasn't aware of him doing it and I didn't know he used this to get others setups. When I see what he wrote in the chat of the public server, thats really stupid to share setup details, and even tell the others he wants to share against my setup.

    To Mikko: I didn't do this at all to get setups from the others. I have enough experience to make my own setups now...

    I have said what I have to tell, if others think different, I don't care :)

  13. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    I am not in the league, but my personal opinion is. Cheating in Sim Racing is stupid in any way and I feel for people who think they have to do it (for whatever reason) even if its for fun.
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  14. I believe that when you say it. You have the pace for top anyway so I don't think that you would do it to get others setups.

    But I haven't seen the logs of other sessions so i'll stay out of this thing.
  15. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    why would anyone be testing with hacked files on a public server ? (or using hacked files anyway ) my only thought is they do this to see what hacks they can get away with before they get flagged .... if only there was a way to send a bsod virus from the server to the client then all would be good
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  16. You tried to make others practice more, and what you achieved was to make us looking to the server logs.

    Maybe someone can buy your excuse, but after knowing that RD banned your license because you drove some race with Jaminet's account, I don't know why should we trust your words now, instead of thinking what Mikko said at the beginning: a planned tactic to get setups from other people.
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  17. A different .tdf file causes mismatch, which is allowed by the server during the week but obviously disallowed during the official sessions. They would have been kicked automatically in a official session.​
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  18. Oh I didn't know that at all.
  19. Again!?

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  20. I don't know where all this fuss is about. You could see they had mismatches, which clearly shows they're just messing about. Also, these hotlap times don't mean anything since points are being given in the race. As long as they don't cheat in the race, I don't really give a .... you could fill that in yourself :D
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