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Misc Driver Specific Livery 1.0

allows separately liveries for each driver

  1. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    Melphiz submitted a new resource:

    Driver Specific Livery - allows separately liveries for each driver

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  2. Roderick Kennedy

    Roderick Kennedy
    Premium Member

    Wow that was quick,thank you.:thumbsup:
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  3. I Do not think that Some People have a clue about Mods Sometimes ,,, I Was once inside the Database 6 Hours looking from top to bottom for system information about Loading Textures Audio and interior mainly back when I was doing that Ferrari Mod,,,In 2012 Game I have everysingle RYDER25 Mod and Checked everything on the Game and could not Find what I was looking For,,,,,:(
    I was just checking peoples resources for 2013 last night and Came across This I saw this on Ryder25 and thought jpk,,, Thats not for me lol,,,,
    I opened up the file and extracted it,,,, Everything I was looking for is inside Here Great piece of software,,,,
    Anyway ill get to the Point I added a Test livery to the Mercedes just all grey to Test it,
    And it works Perfect ,,,
    People do not realise That with this Software it is Possible to add The liveries to the 90,s Classics I Made all new Files and placed Them inside the "c35" Folder and put the Game back on and the 2013 Cars was all black,,,,
    But the Classics was not black but the Liveries was messed up with the interior on the outside not the inside of the Car,,,
    So I then started to Wonder to myself Like sometimes I do:O_o: About Cross referencing The .JPK File I Downloaded with Mine,,
    As the first thing I thought that may Have been an issue is that the .JPK File I downloaded may not have come from my Version of the Game as I have the Full 2013 Classic Edition.
    So I obviously Double checked the Two .JPK Files with each other ,,, But still not knowing if they was the same files or not,,,
    Because obviously they had Changed the Downloaded .JPK File to work when adding the New livery for Example.
    But there was Quite a few differences and I understood the Car file which is named 1/25 for the Settings I presumed and still do that the Classics Cars from the 90,s are named 23/24/25 but looking into the structure of the settings to be Honest I would just be slightly Stuck on which ones to Change within the files,,
    And would end up with it not working at all ,,,,
    As you Guys have of course got a lot more Experience with the .JPK Files and know straight away where the PSSG Gen settings are for all the Cars It would just be easier for one of you two Guys to have a Mess around with it ,,,
    As from what I could tell from what I was looking at inside the .JPK File this is possinle to achieve as I nearly cracked it first Time without fully knowing exactly what .JPK File it had Come from I presume That both files have the same structure within them but of Course slightly different settings,,,
    And I do know that this mod that I want to Create would not just be obvious to people as some Guys are probably using it even without this idea popping up in there Head,,,
    Anyway please get back to me if you wish to Help me understand the settings or wish just go and create it yourself,s but as long as we are all pulling together in the F1 Community to solve this issue then that is fine by Me:thumbsup:
  4. Heumm... dont think its appropriate to have this mod when we know we cant do any skin like we want. May be try to use our time to try to figure out, how to repack a 3d model ( to redo the skin layout)
  5. In photoshop CS6 3D M8 I could create a Full livery from scratch within 2 Hours from start to finish without any template that is why CS6 Is so good;)
    As long as we can add the livery guessing where the Stickers go is not an issue I will have a mess around with it later I could have just kept that information to myself but as long as the mod gets done that is fine by me ,,,
    But I was wanting to add the livery to my Ultimate Realiam Mod ,,, As it would be another great little feature to have on it,,,
    Anyway if you have any advice on the subject would love to hear your opinions,,,
    Also noticed that the full car setup structure is in the .JPK Thats why people are so fast because you can change the jpk file "physics" and still play online lol:thumbsup:
  6. Thats a shame lolll now we can hack online XD.

    I'm pretty sure we can access to 90 car with this JPK files. Some files has been install after lauching the game so if we found the line who tell the game put car from NFS to my folder. We will may be found the way to paint them also
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  7. Its easy painting them without any UVW Maps that was never the issue ,,,The issue is just getting a chance to be able to do it,,,
    I know after looking inside the jpk file but this is possible but its knowing what to change I looked for the NFS Everywhere in the files as I would have just changed this value from 23/24/25 for example to %1% this would solve it ,,, From the little understanding I have ,,, But could not see the NFS File or name anywhere ,,, It may have been because I was excited in the prospect of cracking it and could not see the wood for the tree,s;)
  8. I Understand the "physics" file later I will make a full game change from start to finish just the way I like it ,,,,, Like rFactor 2 ,,,
    I Have a F1 RFT "physics" File so going to change the suspension without a doubt I actually want to feel the track I was on Monaco the other night on 2013 and it felt flat as a pancake ;)
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  9. Thanks, Melphiz - We're using this in our league with custom skins :) Quick question - How does the new .jpk file handle the 90s cars? Which files should I create in order for those to work properly again?
  10. Hi I just installed this. The driver specific livery works fine but for some reason every driver on the grid including the player has messed up textures for their helmets and gloves. Can anyone help me?

    side note: all post race cinematics show the correct gloves/helmets
  11. Hey there, check my revision of this mod out:
    that should solve the 90's DLC cars issue

  12. Hi, my game crashes when I install your mod... I use F1 2016 MOD