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Driver rumours and Season 2 News

Discussion in 'PS4 | Thursday Night GT Championship' started by Ben Milden, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Who will sign with who? The choice is yours random drivers draw has been dropped but random cars stay

    Hi all use this thread for your news or rumours. Talk about who you would like as a teammate and cars you want. This thread will also be used to keep you up to date with desicions on next season some things have already been rubber stamped as below.

    So who will be your teammate? Better start talking and get the deals done fellas

    Race changes

    1. The race format will change from one long race to two races consisting of a feature race and a sprint race.

    2. The sprint race will be half the race distance of the feature or if this is not possible rounded up to next lap

    3. Not pitstops in the sprint race however a pitstop for tyres is still mandatory in the feature race

    Driver and team changes

    1. Drivers may pick there own teammates if this is not done one will be assigned for you.

    2. Cars will be drawn Randomly in a live draw so that it can not be fixed

    3. You may not have the same teammate/car as the season before

    4. The Bentley is no longer banned due to changes to its power etc
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  2. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member


    Milden looking for "someone with talent not maybe the pace right now but someone with potential" could that be @Benjamin McC or @Lance Loomis time will tell
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  3. Rumour

    Could the steward actually be of use in season 2?

    After a quiet season for the steward, which could have seen him go on holiday for the duration, Seekings is quietly hoping for a bit more carnage in s2.
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    As the first season of the FNGTC reaches its end, the first ever silly season has begun, and top of the agenda is; where will the championship leaders go? Well, it seems that Andrew Holmes may be about to join current M&M Racing driver @Adam Morris for next season. The two have been team-mates before in a different championship, so could this pairing already be confirmed?

    When asked about this rumour, Adam replied: “Don’t know how it’s got out really, I wouldn’t mind working with Andrew again, but at the end of the day I can easily say no.”

    Holmes is looking to secure the first Friday Night GT Championship title, and beat Adam’s team-mate @Ben Milden to the honours. The SLS driver says that the new tyre rules have ‘hindered his progress’ throughout the British rounds, none of which Andrew won. In the last two races, Holmes finished just fourth, but says his title campaign ‘can still be strong with Ben missing this event’. Who will win the championship, and will this affect Adam’s future?
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  5. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member


    With intensifying rumours about a @Adam Morris and @Andrew Holmes match up next season Ben Milden has been quick to praise his current teammate and hint at a future team mate. "The job Adam has done for us as a team is amazing his setup work is second to none and his team work has been exemplary, I will miss him next season for sure but things move on and I hear he's signed with Holmes and that's good for the series" he added that he expects adam to show Andrew no favours this season "he's a professional and knows that we are a team that can win the teams championship so I'm sure he wants that on his record" on the future Ben urges patience " things are moving well I've spoken to a couple guys and I'm sure we will have something to say soon I may be a positive surprise and something thought not possible until recently (winks)" sources in the paddock say @Benjamin McC @Thomas While and a mystery 3rd driver are Bens strongest hopes
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    Andrew Holmes came out in the press conference at Road America today and admitted defeat in the FNGTC championship chase. @Ben Milden and @Gareth Williams have been his main rivals this season, and he says it's down to them for the title. Holmes has not had good pace in the previous races and now took to the mic in the press conference to announce his feelings.

    "Ben has had a great season, he's been better all year and has out performed me throughout the last half of the season. Gareth has also had a great second half, he's been a lot stronger than I have, and I think that now it's only fair to give him his run at the championship. Ben has beaten me this year, and my future is uncertain, so I think it's only fair to give Gareth track priority."

    "If you look at my pace here, I'm at least eight tenths down on @Adam Morris, I can't get any more out of the car. That'll put me about sixth at best, so this week's all about Gareth winning. He's got the best chance."
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  7. One must never give up,
    If you don't race next season, can i be team mates with adam :rolleyes::D
  8. That's started a few rumours lol
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  9. You can be team-mates with anyone you want to
  10. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Yes you can I think the option should be to keep the same teammate if you want to I'm not against it your thoughts @Adam Morris
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  11. Ollivierre in talks

    Yet another rumor as we approach the silly season. @Dominic Ollivierre has enlightened us that he is indeed in talks with some drivers in scout of a pretty strong recruit for his 2016 campaign. Ollivierre has certainly shown that he has what it takes to fight for championships given the right dynamic and he will not be holding back. When asked who he will be driving for next year ollivierre replied "nothing has been confirmed, but I am open to quite a few options out there, I may pursue signing with someone from the hammer time racing camp, either @Junique_talent or @Jblackness1990, as well I could sign with my Caribbean countryman @Jelani Patterson if he decides to return from his sabbatical, all left to be seen, still a few races to go and nothing will be finalized untill the seasons endas right now myself and awesome team mate @Thomas While keep our eyes on moving up the ladder in the team competition fulfilling our team objectives especially with receiving new updates, and we Keep fighting for victories!"
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  12. You get my vote hehe :)
  13. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Unlucky tonight Kimi remember 2007 :roflmao::(
    @Andrew Holmes of GWAH Racing counted himself out of the championship on Thursday evening, now he’s right back in it, leading by two points. After the crazy race at the Road America circuit, Sky Sports interviewed the new championship leader about how he feels now.

    “I honestly don’t believe what happened; it was such a conflict in every way from what I was expecting. I arrived here to test last Saturday before the new tyre regulations were brought in. I was by no means the quickest. By Monday, the new tyre regulations were brought in and I tumbled down the order in practice. Until last night, about one hour before the race, I was not in the mood to race at all.”

    “Then I joined practice with @Thomas While and my team-mate @Gareth Williams and tried out a brand new setup. Tom and Gareth helped me tweak it, and I was almost back in the running. I’m so thankful for both of their hard work, because they really didn’t have to help me!”

    “Then came the start, got an unbelievable getaway and managed to lead from the front. Gareth was so unlucky to spin out on that kerb and then lose a wheel through a brush against the barrier. Gareth returned to the pit wall and helped coach me to the victory. Words cannot express the emotions in that race, and I feel so sorry for Gareth after the amazing comeback he made. That was so unfortunate.”

    Holmes leads the championship with 145 points, from Milden with 143 and Williams with 116 points. All three drivers have missed one race; Gareth missed Zhuhai, Andrew missed Imola and Ben missed Road America. The championship chase is on!
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  15. McCluskey's future

    There has been some rumours about McCluskey's future for a while in FNGTC. When McCluskey was asked by this, he said. 'After the Le Mans race I was very close to making the decision of leaving the Friday Night GT Championship. But now I am confirming that I will be racing in the next season'.

    McCluskey says he plans to race for 2 more seasons at least (depending on school work) and he is making this an experience curve. McCluskey says that by the end of the 3rd season of the Friday Night GT Championship he wants at least 1 podium and maybe a win.

    When asked about next years teammate, McCluskey replied with. 'I don't really mind who my teammate is, as long as I'm the number 2 driver. I hope that my performance at Road America has gotten myself notice by the top teams and drivers. I hope they can see my potential in the sport'.

    We asked McCluskey, why does he want to be the number 2 driver?.
    'I want the experience. If I have a faster driver who can drive faster and setup the car better, then I can learn and improve myself'.
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  16. ha maybe,
    Title contenders @Andrew Holmes and @Ben Milden today revealed that the will remain friends throughout the title chase. Realistically, it is only Holmes and Milden who are still in the fight for the championship; @Gareth Williams lags behind on points after a crash at the Road America circuit. There are three rounds remaining until the end of the first FNGTC season and it looks to be a straight fight between Holmes and Milden. GWAH also move further ahead in the Teams’ Championship, which M&M Racing will aim to change. Who will win the championships? We’ll have to wait and see, as we wait for Sonoma, Watkins Glen, and the 2 hour finale at Le Mans.
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  18. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member


    it has been decided today that you may stay with your existing teammate if you choose this because of some feedback from you drivers
  19. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #25 M3 GT3 - O&M Racing Premium Member

    Adams Team Mate Revealed For Season 2
    Due to a letter he had recieved from the driver he thought he would be joining which stated the contract would be delayed un till season 3 Adam Made his Move And Snapped Up a Top Contender With the Potentail to make his team ever better next year, and that Driver will be @Dominic Ollivierre he was qouted in saying that he was dissapointed not to be joining andrew next season but looks forward to working with him in the Future
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  20. Ollivierre confirms signing with Morris.:cool:

    Up to press time at the end of last week, it has been stated by the management of @Adam Morris that he has signed a one year multimillion dollar contract with a very strong driver that is neither of the 2015 driver championship title contenders of @Ben Milden or @Andrew Holmes. In a press conference a day later, the management of @Dominic Ollivierre has also confirmed that he has indeed signed a pretty hefty contract with a driver that makes their lineup a force to be reckoned with. :ninja:

    Sky sports news caught up with rising driving sensation Ollivierre at his local pub all the way in the Caribbean where we knew we could get some firm answers from him in his rather inebriated but relaxed state. Ollivierre had this to say "well if Adam's management told you this and my not so discreet and soon to be fired manager confirmed that then the cat is out of the bag and so yes, Adam and I have signed quite a sexy contract for a team that will not be disclosed untill they've given the go ahead, let me just say, our new sponsors who came onboard with us are stoked! And we intend to give them their best value for their money. All I can say is that we did this deal right here in this pub over a few whiskeys,scotches and tequila and something else that may or may not be our sponsors, I can't remember the night so well now, but it Happened right here I think, and both Adam and our new sponsors seemed quite happy at the time as did I and yes I've said too much now, piss off and good night" :speechless:

    With that, the silly season has clearly begun and has brought some confirmations that setup an enthralling battle of the greats for 2016. We wait to hear of other driver signings, where will @Ben Milden drive for next year as it is rumored that he was also present at the pub the same night that Morris and Ollivierre signed just after a bar fight with Ollivierre over the last shot of whiskey. Also, where will @Andrew Holmes sign now that he will no longer partner Adam, and most interestingly, where will @Thomas While sign for his 2016 campaign. All left to be seen and we Give you the news as it happens from anywhere in the world. :barefoot:

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