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Driver Recruitment

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Interested in taking part in STC with a team?

    Interested in sign up new drivers for your team?

    Maybe a proposal of a loan with other team?

    Take a look in here!
  2. Perhaps form a "United Teams of STC". This team would be open to all STC teams and their members who would like to race without too much pressure.

  3. Hello guys,

    TeamGG need a driver, in GTPRO, only for the test day.

    Tell me if you have some drivers who wanted to drive this thursday!
  4. Think we might be able to help you.
    Already asked david if we could have more drivers on the grid. As we have more drivers then places ;) .
  5. thank you very much. The aim of the course test and fill the grid. The teamGG only 3 drivers for this event, so if david is in agreement, come with an additional pilot (warning, it will roll for TeamGG! ^ ^)

    Waiting for David answer!!​
  6. Well, the answer was YES already. The idea is to have a full grid in the Test Race.

    Thanks guys! :good:
  7. 2 flatout drivers are welcome, because, Gaylord will not race this evening...

  8. I'm interesting to participate in this ligue, but i have not team. Does a team search one player?
  9. Ane Racing need some new drivers, at the moment we are only 4.
    So a 5th driver would be good.

    look here: www.anegaming.co.uk

    (I'm from Germany, the other drivers are from Great Britain)

    Edit: forget my link, use Keith's, we reopened our race site.
  10. Hi Kevin

    [AnE] Racing are in need of more drivers so if your interested in driving with us head over to http://www.ane-race.co.uk/

    We currently have a possible 8 or so drivers than can compete in this event although we have more members that take part in our own leagues.
  11. BFR have a driver available for the Zuhai test. If you need someone to fill a seat just let Mikael Larson know.

  12. me me me :)
  13. TeamGG has only 2 drivers for Zuhai. So someone else can drive
  14. Salut guys I'm interesting to participate in this ligue, but i have no team. Does a team search one or two drivers? I`m driving online since 2004 i have participate in many sim Leagues- Sim Challenge, LFGTR, R2P, MSR, and many more, we are 2 drivers so if there free slots it will be nice. THANKS CYA ON TRACK
    1 Driver name: Laki Sultan
    2 Driver name: Goran Georgiev
  15. There is some teams who will want you.

    To all teams, grab these two while you can, good guys:wink2:
  16. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    [Ane] for example is still short of drivers, they should be firsts to decide :)
  17. #Yes it would of been allot better if a team with less drivers who needs them the most had picked them up, instead an over full one has :s
  18. Hi Guys,

    Are there any seats left to take part in this league, I,ve been racing for 5 years and looking for a new challange!.

    Thx Ace.
  19. ANe, BfR, probably got a seat I think.
  20. Yea, definatly try with AnE. They seem to have big trouble feilding two cars. Good luck!
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