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Driver Profiles

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2016 Weekday Championship' started by Mikey Woolford, Aug 13, 2016.

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  1. Mikey Woolford

    Mikey Woolford
    Part of tCreative.

    For those of you who have been in a championship with us before, you may remember the Driver Profiles I made for each driver pre-season.

    These will be coming back, they will be done in a random basis to start and I will then organise into teams as they are announced.

    Stay tuned!

    #7 - Saif Mehmood - SJM1337
    Team - TBA

    A longstanding member of the championship and a very quick driver, it comes as quite a surprise that although the league has 6 former champions, Saif is not among them. It would appear to be a case of so often the bridesmaid but never the bride and Saif will be itching to set that straight during this season. He has come within touching distance of the title, taking it down to the wire in Brazil S4 so he must be viewed as a serious contender for this season. He is capable of immense pace, and his showings in pre season testing have done nothing to harm the view that this is a driver with the capability to rack up a serious number of wins this season. He knows his ability and limitations but will he be able to keep on the pace for the whole season with a larger field? We will only know in due course. More cars on track will be music to Saif's ears. The man loves an overtake and his combative nature on track may well prove to be entertaining as the season draws on. However, as a driver with no caution, he must be careful to not get involved in incidents as the punishment for an incident with a larger grid is imperatively larger than previously experienced.

    Predicted Finish: 1st-4th
    Strengths: One lap pace, keeping calm under pressure
    Weaknesses: Strategy calls, tyre management

    #68 - Mike Woolford - wooly51
    Team - TBA

    As another championship stalwart and the season 5 WDC expectations will be high for Mike to continue on the path to victory. However, somewhat bizarrely, other than his championship success in season 5, he has never finished higher than 4th which could suggest to some that S5 was a kind of fluke. Those that know Mike are acutely aware that on his day he is as fast as anyone in the world, not just this grid. However, he's aging now and the spirited 'gung-ho' attitude of seasons gone by may well be replaced by a more thoughtful, considered approach for this coming year. Pre season testing seemed to indicate that he wasn't quite on the pace of some others but his ability to conserve tyres and choose an alternative strategy may well counteract the loss of pace, as a larger field means more cars to fight through after a stop. This will be another man fighting for wins, of that there is no doubt, however maybe he will require a little more luck than judgement to get those wins and fight for the title but he is certainly someone you can never write off.

    Prediction: 1st-4th
    Strengths: Consistency, strategy management
    Weaknesses: Defensive inexperience, pure one-lap pace

    #95 - Simeon Lynch - Lynchy098
    Team - TBA

    The fiery Jamaican has the ability to produce such bursts of speed that he can win races by a mile and when he is on form he is certainly a threat, as was shown by him winning 3 of the first 4 races in a previous league a few seasons back. Now, a few games on, we get to see if his pad nature still lends itself to a somewhat aggressive style. Such a style could land this guy in trouble for this season with more cars on track and with new cars to drive. He has to pick and choose his moments, as he is not someone who is a natural front runner but you could certainly see him pick up a few wins this season. It would be a disaster for him to be off of the podium all season.

    Prediction: 1st-4th
    Strengths: Pace, unpredictability
    Weaknesses: Unpredictability, aggressive overtaking style

    #92 - Ashley Blakeley - Shyguy2008
    Team - TBA

    He's ginger, crashes a lot and is the devil, what more needs to be said?

    Prediction: 9th-12th

    #28 - Neil Vincent - area4
    Team -TBA

    Vincent hasn't always had the greatest luck in recent seasons, he's always had the underlying pace but maybe lacked consistency at times, his abilities tend to shine most in wet conditions and he has shown he can go off into the distance if he's able to get out clear in front. He is looking very confident for the upcoming season and will defiantly be a major threat in the title battle, it'll be interesting to see whether Vincent can keep it up race after race as he does get involved in silly incidents from time to time which have hampered his chances in the past, most controversially in the past with his new team mate, Simeon Lynch.

    Prediction: 1st-4th
    Strengths: Wet weather driving, leading from the front
    Weaknesses: Coming through traffic
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