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driver/profile statistics gone!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Alen Pecanin, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. lol sry wrote wrong the topic text.. I meant statistics

    Hey, I was doing this and that around here on the pc, and found an AutoSim Analyzer, but when I selected the right path to get the log/results, it said that there wasnt any raceresults.txt that it could import.

    I took a look in the game and went to my profile to watch my statistics, like how much laps I've done overal etc. and you wont believe it, it was zero all the way, on all levels. Pro, Semi Pro, Novice. how come it says 0 ?

    so I went to the "log" folder.. my documents/simbin/race07/userdata/log/results.
    when I open the raceresults.txt file there it says
    it this the total lap amount that I've done in the game??

    here is the whole upper "thingys" if you need that to find something out and help me.

    Race Length=0.100
    Track Length=5534.2847
    Driver=alen Pecanin
    Vehicle=Audi RS4
    Team=Goetz Motorsport

    Driver=M Ekstroem
    Vehicle=Audi RS4
    Team=RedBull Team

    any idea of whats going on? any1?

    thanks in advance
  2. have you edited your plr file?

    you need to change the "0" to "1"

    ie:- Data Acquisition In Race="1"
  3. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    they are unrelated Nigel, I don't think he's talking about telemetry, its the career stats thingy. I didnt even know it existed till a few weeks ago. Its hiding away.
  4. Dave is right. the data is being restarted the whole time, or what its doing. Why? I dont know. I just know its frustrating that you get your carreer lap amount restarted. and its weird
  5. The game crashes every time on exit (I get a new minidump every time) with the patch applied, possibly before updating the stats. That may explain why statistics are recorded during a session, but lost on the next start of the sim. I've tried to enable trace, but there's nothing in the log that indicate what the problem might be.
  6. I believe the Statistics recording was broken with the latest patch. I've seen it reported regularly elsewhere, so it is well known, and I have yet to see a fix.
    Hopefully it is fixed with future patches.
  7. well if somebody has done about 5000+ laps and it all gets deleted, I understad if he gets mad
  8. Yeah, when the game was released as GTR2, the Profile you had to setup gave you STATISTICS and RECORDS. The stats listed three levels, Simulation, Semi-Pro, and Novice. And the records list was your best time at every track you put in a full lap.

    GTR2> PROFILE keeps STATISTICS (Sim,Semi-Pro,Novice) and RECORDS (all best laps, sorted by track and time)

    Then Simbin offered us Race07. They seemed to have lost some talent or ability (and that erosion seems to be continuing today) about then. Or maybe they just decided to give less product. It's cheaper to do that.

    They changed the STATISTICS list to be Pro, Semi-Pro, Novice for some reason but added Custom as a similar class. But does not bother to keep the Custom counts?? At least they still added your best lap times to the RECORDS list. They quit sorting that list however. Just slapped the last good lap time on the end of the RECORDS unless there was already a time for that car at that track.

    Now..... in this last patch effort, they quit updating the RECORDS list and then a little later blanked it and the STATISTICS list. Why they left the links to look at those blank lists is anybody's guess. Maybe they don't know the code doesn't work any more. That's a strong possibility, because good programmers clean up all the loose strings when removing stuff on purpose.

    It is disappointing to see good code vanish and go to crap. Especially when it's part of what used to be a very robust game that fortunately still retains the car handling that's the best of the race sims SO FAR.