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Driver info button

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Scissorhands, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Hi there!

    I'm trying to adjust some settings in the game.
    for now, I'm trying to arrange some mods for my own, and for better understand how all is done.

    a thing that i realise is that in WTCC2006 and WTCC2007 we can see a button with a possibility to view DRIVER INFO, but in the other classes, and also with mods added, that button doesn't exist.

    anyone knows a way to get this button to work in all classes?
    I would like to put a picture with a photo of the driver and is helmet in that page, for example in a f1 mod.

    sorry for my english.
  2. Driver info is only available for real race drivers like in the WTCC series.

    The drivers in the other classes are SimBin employees and friends. They are not real race drivers so there is no info.

    Mods don't have the driver info unless it was included with the mod.
  3. but there is no way to put it available in other classes.

    imagine that you wan't to create another classe with real drivers name too.

    i think this could be great!
  4. What your talking about is the talent file. This is dead easy to setup and to produce for any driver including yourself. But the info will only work for WTCC cars.

    How its done
  5. yeah! I know that!

    i made a little study on the MNU files, that I suppose are the files that coordinate the menus, and i think that in one file could we create some lines to get this button to work in other classes too.

    The problem is that i don't know what file could be and what lines to wrote.

    I think wtcc_ui.mnu is the right file to see how did that work, and maybe venomui.mnu is the file to change, but in right true i don't know.

    maybe someone expert in this kind of things could help to understand that.

    I think that could be really awesome to see an info driver button in a mod F1, to see the helmets, car and photos of drivers, and obviously their info.

    don't tell me i'm the only one in the world to think in that way, snif!!!
  6. sorry for my persistence, but i think, if noone can make this button alive in other classes, i ask myself why are people doing mods with talent files wich have careerhighlights.

    If no info driver button, noone is going to see that information.

    Please, i'd like very much to make this button to come alive in other classes.

    some programmers to help this question?
  7. so many people watching this and so few to help about this question.

    Please someone can give a hint?
  8. here's an example of what i wan't to get:


    or even better:


    someone can help?