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Driver + helmet pictures 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Slave, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. My favorite driver+helmet mod so far. Great job.
  2. Very good is spectacular, I have a problem drivers and teams mismatched, as the arrangement? Slave thanks greetings
  3. There is something that I have bad, bad install something before, I would like to fix it, and do not get it thanks
  4. What is your problem darioqw? Please write here and i try help for you.
    This mod is made,my custom 2012 hungarian mod,and it is working good for me,but in your game possible mismatch.
  5. If the game that I have something improperly installed and not fit me no menu, no how to fix it to that to work well thanks
  6. Honnan van a magyaritas?
  7. Hát ez jó kérdés,fogalmam sincs.Töltögettem össze vissza modokat és az egyikben ez volt.Én azóta ezt használom. Nekem tetszik.
  8. English only...
  9. I have all the wrong menu, which solution?, Please, thanks
  10. I noticed while playing the game that you have De La Rosa as the #1 driver for HRT? I thought it was supposed to be Karthikeyan?
  11. Ah, you're right. It sucks for me because I'm using Mr Pibb's update and he has the order reversed, so the stats and pictures are wrong. =/
  12. Euuumh... Maybe it's better to upload the pictures to a site with less... How should i say... Adult entertainment :S