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"driver gloves" problem.....????????

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by trschumi, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. i realised that....because of patch or not????someone can explain????
    once upon a time. gloves_9e9.jpg but nowww:( 11.jpg
  2. Yeah, I saw that with patch, it was most if not all drivers. mesh or anim problems have been cropping up since patch, especially when using all the puddle fixes, I saw some strange things. Pit crew with exploding armpits, drivers who no longer steer their car...

    Patch problem.
  3. is there any solution...?
  4. it's a dx11 prob... running dx9 no pobs...
  5. The FOV is different between the 2 screens = deformation.
  6. Yeah FOV is differnt true, but the wrist area looks stretched in the verticle plane.. the model looks different. Gloves are animated, and all the articfacts I have notices since the patch are animation associated. No static models seem affected.

    Look, here is a pic with the post patch bug that some people have seen and the pre-patch default camera, it looks different for sure[​IMG]
  7. Yeah the gloves do look quite terrible post patch, some worse than others.
  8. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium

    can someone tell me what´s wrong with my drivers hands?

    Was comparing it to another screenshot i have found,
    and mine look much worse.


    Whats up with that?
    Did i miss a update,
    or is it some setting?

  9. patch problem.... after patch the gloves look worse...
  10. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium

    great :frown:

    no fix for this?
  11. I cant believe you guys pick up on things like this!!

    Codemasters hasnt got a chance of succeeding with this game if people keep picking up on every single tiny fault that has no bearing on the game.

    No doubt something else that modders can change because they are not happy with.
  12. reinstall the game without patch..:))
  13. Read up a bit higher mate: DX11=issues - DX9=no mesh probs. I just dont get why all folks are so keen to play DX11 in a game that is NOT MADE for dx11. Makes me crack up. Why do you all fall for CMs blunder. Revert back to DX9 forcing it in hardware_settings_config.xml and done. I run smooth - gfx glitch free and my FPS are back to were they were and so are the loading times of course GRRRR, but one cant have ut all huh?
  14. Once I am done with online racing and go back to career that will be EXACTLY what I will do mate. Codemasters patch suxxx so bad. They should hire someone to write a new gfx engine for them and ghopefully concetrate on getting 2011 properly coded and all rules implemented. And while we are at it- Real Intelligence would help too instead of Artificial Dumbness btw. Just an idea......sorry for my rant. LOL
  15. Sadly the game never was a sucess.
    To be honest if the want to suceed they need to pay attention and look how badly the managed to f**k up a pretty decent games. I mean the problems were with the AI and no the graphics. Why did they need to touch the graphics files and ruin it?
  16. I would say it is a success in my eyes...

    When im racing mates online lap after lap to within a second or 2 of each other the only thing going through my my mind is 'wow, this is class' not 'his gloves looks somewhats slightly wrong'
  17. Thats really a matter of opinion.

    I don't really race online, but the bugs offline are horrible, yes most of them were fixed during the patch and thanks to CM for that.
    What I'm trying to say is that its not just the gloves, but the drop in FPS and the puddles dissapearing is what's annoying. The graphics were great pre-patch and there was no need to fiddle with them just to fix them for DX11 when the game wasn't made for DX11.
  18. I still dont get the gloves issue although the rest of what you say is a valid point.
  19. i noticed in career mode to day after the race on the red bull car the logos on the mirrors are distorted, it dosnt bother me the slightest but it reminded me of this thread.