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Featured DriveClub updated to version 1.12

Discussion in 'DriveClub' started by Alex Franchini, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. A new update for Evolution Studios' console racing game has been released today.

    The PlayStation 4-exclusive title now has a long-awaited replay feature, along with the ability to take screenshots from replays. The update weighs more or less 600MB and also contains a spiffy reward for Level 50 players, that is, a Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione.

    Along with a long list of bugfixes, version 1.12 also adds support for this month's free car (Peugeot Onyx Concept) and the upcoming DLC packs, the Lamborghini Car Pack and the Pacesetter Tour Pack.

    Looks like Evolution Studios has steadily brought new content and fixes to Driveclub, managing to even out a rocky launch: do you play it, and do you think it's a worthy distraction from more challenging simulators?

    Source: Eurogamer.
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  2. My favourite Arcade Racer since 10 years. Glorious game.
  3. id likely check this game out if i ever brought a ps4 which isnt likely atm.
  4. I don't have a PS4, but this looks nice. Like a proper old school arcade racer.
  5. Robin


    How many RD members are driving this? I do have a PS4, but the game didn't exactly have a sunny launch.
    I am all for a proper arcade racer with cool cars to kill some time, but I am not really willing to drop cash on a mediocre game or one that advertises MP a lot, but there's nobody around to race with. ;)
  6. I might if I could use my g27 wheel its more mayhem than racing.
  7. The game is actually very good for an arcade racer. As long as you know its not trying to be a sim racer going in, its a great game.
  8. Robin


    But is it fun alone as well or do you need to be with friends in a 'Driveclub' to have the full experience?
  9. Its designed to be played with friends hence the obvious giveaway title of Driveclub. They want you to form or join a small group of people to play with. You can however play all alone just fun through the career mode, or even online, that's all I do. However, I will mention that there are some cars that can't be unlocked unless you are part of a club with at least two members, which can be yourself and someone else. You can join also club with existing members or create one and invite people, or you can choose not to participate in a club at all but those few cars will be locked and you can't get them without being in a club. Thankfully, its a small number of cars, maybe 7-8 out of 50+ I believe that are locked to club participation.
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  10. Joined a 'Time Trial' league over at Gameage.co.uk

    Great fun with weekly events. This added competition in addition to everything the game is currently offering too.
  11. I'd say so. You get most of the cars without being in a club like Blkout said. There is plenty of online stuff to have a go at for a single player. Multiplayer races, time trials, drift events and not forgetting the open challenges. All this in addition to the core single player tour.
  12. Robin


    Well looking at the people posting here a RD club of at least four should be doable! ;)
    Are you allowed to join more than one club?
  13. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I have it. Mainly race the Mini though *chuckles* :D
  14. Wish the game would include wheel support other than for Thrustmaster. Most annoying that I can play GT5 on my PS3 with my G27 yet can't use the G27 on my PS4.
  15. Robin


    Bought the game and I am pleasantly surprised! It actually feels very good with the controller! At least in the starting race (all I did so far) you can feel weight shifting nicely.
    I didnt realise it was only 25 euro's, so I took the plunge right as I saw that.

    I also took the liberty to create a RD club as I didn't saw any available.
    It's invite only, so please contact me if you want to join.
    The lock is to prevent any randoms cluttering up the RD club. :)
  16. One club at a time but you can leave a club at any time and join another though. However, if you leave a club, any "club locked" cars you unlocked will have to be unlocked again in the next club you join.
  17. If you like the game, the season pass is very much worth it. So much DLC for your money.
  18. Robin


    Do you have an open spot in your club @Blkout ? If so, could you hitch me up? ;) PSN: Yskonyn
  19. Likelihood is the G27 will never work with PS4. Wheels with the latest gen consoles (XBOXONE too I believe) are affected by what seems to boil down to licensing deals, security chips and compatability drivers.