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Drive-through or pitstop

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Manolis Sigoulakis, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Is there any way of selecting if you want to serve a drive-through penalty or to do a pitstop?

    I was doing a race at Montreal and had started on primes. On lap 7 I crashed with Grosjean and then I had to do a drive-through penalty. On lap 8 I went in for the drive-through, and I stopped for a pitstop (which I would do on lap 10). This destroyed my race. Is there any solution?
  2. Manolis, i don't think there is a way unfortunately. i think there are some things that force a pit-stop to take priority over a drive-through penalty though. did you have a damaged front wing or something like that?
  3. I noticed, that if you have a penalty and go into the pits a few laps before your planned pitstop, then usually you'll do the drive-through. However, if you use the tyre selector before entering the pits (even if you chose the same compound, as planned in the strategy), you're going to do a normal pit stop. I THINK damage to your wing will trigger a pit stop as well.
    Those are just my observations though. I have no idea how that algorythm exactly works.
    It's a shame we can't chose it by ourselves. I'd also like to be able to chose if I want to change my front wing during a pit stop or not. Sometimes you can't even feel the damage, so why waste extra 2-3 seconds in the pits?
  4. Only the one endplate was damaged
  5. i just did a little test in quick race mode, having one damaged endplate does indeed cause the pit crew to change the front wing (but this was without a penalty). so it's most likely that a damaged front wing - even if it's just an endplate - causes a pit-stop to take priority over a drive-through. or else what ENDR said, that choosing to change tyres triggers a pit stop rather than a drive-through.