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drive off cliff, 15 second penalty?

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by MentalTM, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. MentalTM


    Great game and a very hard game to master however loving it so far. My only gripe would be why on earth when i accidently drive off a cliff for example, its not game over rather than magically back on the track with a 15 second penalty? other than this and the improvements they need to make to wheel feedback, its great
  2. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis

    I don't mind that the option for a penalty rather than ending your race is there for offline playing, but I do hope you can disable it for multiplayer...
  3. Well i drove my Mini over a cliff and it was race over. Car un-recoverable due to 85% damage, lol.

    Really liking DiRT Rally. Always liked the DiRT games but just seems step up to the next level.
  4. I understeered off at a hairpin somewhere and got a 15 second penalty as I went quite far out, car could have been turned and back on in 5...
  5. jimortality


    I got unrecoverable as well when smashing into a rock or 2 lol
  6. When you drive off a cliff and don't wreck your car, you can recover your vehicle.
    But, when you do that and wreck your car, it's race over.
    It's not perfect, but i think it's acceptable.
  7. I had my car unrecoverable by hitting a snow pile at the edge of a hairpin corner at about 5mph (I was only slightly late on the brakes, slowed the car to almost a hault before hitting it). The car bumped up onto the snow pile and then did a slow motion shot saying I'd ruined the car 88%

    Some teething issues to iron out I think!