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DragFactor Release Date ANNOUNCED

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by OzLoUdmoUth, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Go to http://www.dragfactor.net to get the very latest news on the release of rFactors FIRST full Drag Racing mod. Featuring 3000hp Aussie "Top Doorslammer" sedans (NHRA Pro Mods), drivers will be able to go head to head and match race over the quarter mile for bragging rights.

    The DragFactor mod will offer sim drag racers the choice of:

    15 x Top Doorslammer Models
    65 x Individual "Real Life" Race Liveries
    28 x "Real Life" Top Doorlsammer & Pro Mod Teams
    18 x Different Supercharger & Injector Hat Combinations
    19 x Types of Wheel Types
    3 x Wheelie Bar Lengths
    2 x Steering Wheel Types (wheel & butterfly)
    Skinning templates are available and racers will be able to paint their own custom skins on all models. Paintable parts include the body, cockpit, interior components, rear wing, engine, injector hat plus much more.

    After 3 years in the making, DragFactor is a standalone rFactor mod that includes the vehicles and Tracks along with an rFactor Lite installer. Tracks included are Australia's Willowbank Raceway (QLD), Full Throttle Raceway and the Duke Boys drag strips. Australia's Sydney Dragway (NSW) and Perth Motorplex (WA) are currently being created and will be available as a separate download once they are finalised.


    DragFactor Admin
  2. I'll give it a go ;)
  3. this mod is awesome!!

    really easy to setup the car aswelll
  4. Amazing!