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Drag Racing in AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Vaggelis Theodoridis, May 24, 2013.

  1. 2 screenshots from Marco's fb..seems that we will have drag mode too? :D


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  2. Now that would be cool :D
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  3. Love the 2nd one :inlove: Imagine 458 vs. mp12/c.. mp4-12/c or c/12... God, why McLaren didn't name it 'P2'?
  4. That's AWESOME! :D
  5. I don't see these screens on Marco's FB? Facebook is crap on phones...
  6. That is pretty cool!
    I think the pictures is also a response to the 599XX/Zonda R discussion maybe? :)

    Anyway, would love to see the Zonda R Evo in the game.


    All those extra bits probably creates quite a lot of downforce. Nice winglets on the rear wing and having two elements extra near the center line.
  7. to be honest I never thought about a drag mode but sounds like a fun idea. Nothing that will stop me from doing hundreds lap in monza but iit could be really cool for a quick online drag race :D

    PS.: Is the drag strip laserscanned? Otherwise it is not real enough :roflmao::D:ninja:
  8. MarcG

    Premium Member

    Can forsee some cool Mods coming out for Drag Racing, like that.
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  9. I hope that the dragstip is part of a bigger test facility that consists of a test circuit with a few
    interconnected variations, skidpad, dragstip, high speed oval.... something like Crema in nKPro.
    That would be awesome! ;)
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  10. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    I just came here to post exactly that. This would be incredibly useful for modders.