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Downloading player ghost cars?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by joe pineapples, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if its possible to download someone else's lap. I think as someone struggling, it would be very useful to follow another, better driver.

  2. Yes you can. Go to the time trial leaderboards & you can then choose to race against that players lap which will download the ghost car.

    My advice would be to do it by degrees, so download a lap that is between 0.5 & 1 second quicker than you & you can see where you are losing time against them. Probably the best way to learn the best way around a new track
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  3. Can you only do it with TT laps? - I really want to compare more with a GP weekend practice or quali one. The TT grip level feels an avalanche of difference.
  4. Unfortunately, yes, only TT so only with tyre sim disabled / dramatically reduced.
  5. Shame. I would have learned a lot more for sure than the pointless YDT.

  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    TT can still help you if it's the driving line you're struggling with. :)
  7. I'm using the built-in graphic/hud guide for corners........unless that's somehow teaching me bad habits.
  8. You can't depend entirely on the racing line. The braking points on it are in most cases either too far or too early, depending on the corner and your setup. Also, you can take some corners a bit faster by taking a slightly different line, than the one suggested, while sometimes sticking to the "perfect" line is pretty hard.
    Personally, I race with the racing line only in corners, just so I have something to remind me, that a corner is coming (I get distracted easily) :roflmao: I use my own braking points though.
    My advice - use it to learn the overall layout of the track, but after a while try to drive without it and learn your own lines and braking points.
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  9. Yeah I started with the guide switched on for the same reason as you- a reminder of corners coming up on unfamiliar tracks (and the fact my memory isn't very good), then started to use them as braking point guides......I will try it with them turned off. What I have been doing is analysing videos of other players, using their same setups (never been good at making my own), but I just can't keep the same speed they do and follow the same line - its like they have more grip than I do. Practice I guess.