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Downloaded patch v1.01 and game would not work

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Tony Winslade, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. I got GT5 yesterday through the post (yes I know its early but I guess I'm just lucky). I played the game all yesterday and everything is great. Today I turn on my PS3 to play GT5 and I get the option to download the games 1st patch ver 1.01. I downloaded the patch and when I started the game back up it gives me the option to install the game onto the PS3's hard drive, this I assume was part of the patch as I did nort get the option to install the game onto the hard drive before the patch. I did the install (all 8gb of it). Now the game wont work, most of the time it wont go past the GT5 logo at the beginning and the furthest I got it to was the title screen where you can select what option you want to go in to but even then there was no cursor and it was completely locked down. I'm sure you can understand my frustrations here. I proceeded to uninstall the GT5 data from my PS3 and that includes the 1.01 patch to and now the game works fine again....
    Has anyone else had this problem ???
  2. Ouch! Yes I have just encountered this after restarting the game
  3. OK it seems its not the patch that is the issue, the game tries to log into the GT5 servers which don't appear to be online at the moment. The game gives itself an incredibly long time to try and access these servers instead of just timing out and taking you into the game offline. Either sign out of the PS Network or disable your internet connection in the PS3's settings and you will be able to play offline. It has been reported by a EU representative and should hopefully be sorted out later. In the meantime you can still play offline.
  4. Thanks Kevins for the heads up mate...at least we know the issue is known and being dealt with.....Thank you
  5. The servers are back up and running, multiplayer is working you can download the patch
  6. Thanks I have downloaded patch and installed game to hard drive too and everything is working fine...thanks again mate :)
  7. wow, had me worried for a second then reading through this post, now forty minutes into the install with three seconds to go (been like that for six minutes now)
    installation complete, woo hoo.
    laters guys and gals.