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Download now! (while you wait)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dario Jagar, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. anyone else noticed that you can update sim while you wait maintenance to end?

  2. Yep! Just started (all 1.3 GB!)...
  3. Sure did D. Must be another new feature, lol.

    I usually only get updates well after site maintenance finished, so wasn't sure if this was a new thing. Either way, top marks.

    Maybe this was the 'surprise' feature Tony Gardner alluded to.
  4. yeah I've been downloading now for a while thanks to our WONDERFUL ISP here... lol... Yep there were some hidden words in the all caps word too... hehehe

    I still have about 300mb left
  5. Got it all downloaded earlier this afternoon but i can't get into the log in page to play now...

    Its back up but overloaded with people downloading.

    :wink: :wink: :wink:

    My download finished and just realised I'm now in the same boat, lol.
  7. Got a internal server error :pcbeat:
  8. nice new feature :eek: too bad they missed the 18pm gmt schedule though, been clicking update button 25 minutes now :mad:

    -- edit

    posted same minute server came online :tongue:
  9. Yes got it !!!!!,only had a sneak peek will do some more later but LOVE !!! the new pit crew much better!!!
  10. Just ran the MX-5 for a few laps at Zandvoort (seeing as we were there Sunday) and the car has become a proper feisty little bugger, using the baseline setup.

    Never spun out the back end so many times in the MX-5 as I did the first few laps. When I finally got a few laps under my belt, I'm still a second and a half off what I was running Sunday, lol. Certainly not got the confidence in the car I used to have at the moment.
  11. yeah I'm with you there for sure Daz! However I love the way it feels now, and it actually for the few laps I ran on in the MX-5 roadster feels really good to me.

    I do have to say that I am LOVING the Vette!!!!

    Those are the only two that I have tried thus far though.
  12. If you have a load cell brake - be sure and reset your force curve to 0. It reset mine to 1.8 and it took me a while to figure out why the car was pushing so much!

    Recalibrate and then reset.
  13. Still coming to terms with the Roadster. I feel I can't attack the corners like I used to at the moment and I'm backing off too much. Car feels more grippy through some turns and gives me unwanted oversteer. I do feel that the NTM on the car comes to you a little after you put a few laps in, much like real tyres would (?). It's a WIP but I'll get there, lol.

    One downer with it is that the car does feel like it's 'rocking' more than it used to, which is a weird feeling to say the least.

    I've given the Riley DP, C6R and the Ford GT a few laps apiece around Sebring Club and they all felt really good, the Riley especially felt really planted for me, as previously it always felt a little loose. Not sure if this is a good thing really, but I feel I can turn some laps in it now.

    I'd never realised how bumpy certain parts of Sebring were, but you feel it in the C6R and GT. They can be pushed, but they have their limits if you go a little too gung-ho, lol.

    It seems they are making progress with the NTM, but its still a way off before we have all the service at an acceptable state, as some of the NTM oval cars seem to be getting some stick on the forums (but I don't race these much).
  14. The Riley didn't get the NTM did it?
  15. Still waiting on the damn download. It'd be over with if I'd remembered to start it BEFORE me and the SO watched a movie together.
  16. Nope.

    Well jigger me sideways, lol. Last time I drove the DP it was a little erratic to say the least (Homestead Time Trial). After the updates I was just selecting random cars at Sebring Club and the DP was one and it felt much more connected to the track than my experiences at Homestead.

    Maybe I've suddenly got the knack ,lol.

    Oh well, my faux pas aside, whilst there is plenty of dissension on the iRacing forums about the NTM and the updates, I'm more than happy. MX-5 needs some re-learning for me but it feels OK when I get to grips with it. Little cosmetic changes like pit guy, pit stalls, war wagons, planes, birds, driver animation etc. all add to the immersion. I don't have driver arms on when driving, but just the little added movement in the replays makes a world of difference.

    Finally, Oulton Park. What more neds to be said. Epic rendition and a multitude of track variations to go at.

    Kudos iRacing.