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Down-shift under throttle, automatic gearboxes fault?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Mr Whippy, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Using the automatic gearbox cars like F458 and M3, with the automatic throttle blip and cut enabled (as they are IRL) and also automatic clutch (again present IRL) the rpm will still flare up during a down-shift.

    Obviously when braking into a corner this is correct as the throttle blips itself, but when you are in perhaps 4th gear at 40mph and shift down a gear or two with the throttle wide open the revs flare up, then when the gear engages the wheels may even slip.

    Obviously in real life the throttle would be cut in these conditions with only an amount of throttle required to blip the rpm to the new desired amount being allowed.

    It's already cost me a loss of control in a few situations in the F458 when I've realised I'm in too high a gear and down-shifted to find the rpm limiter being hit and then the clutch dumped again haha.

    Would be good to fix this.

    Also worth noting, does anyone else get a weird rpm needle flickering around after any gear shift in the F458?

    It's hard to tell if this is just a gauge effect or if the engine rpm really are flickering around so dramatically.

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  2. Turn off every assists, they will be enabled automatically in these cars.
  3. Where did they go?

    <edit: here :). Half of the threads posted there weren't bugs>
  4. OK, well turning off the assists and I still get the problem.

    Turn off auto clutch and the car stalls when I engage 1st gear.

    Turn off the auto blip/cut and in a high gear at low speed and dropping a gear sees the revs flare up and then drop back down to meet the required low rpm.

    It's odd to even have the option to turn on/off auto clutch on an automatic DSG gearbox, same for blipping/cutting. These settings should be blanked out or not visible as there is no way to change them any way.

    In any case the down-shift throttle cut is missing. I'd class that as a bug.

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  5. I believe the devs responded to this in the official forum, saying they will fix it, but it doesn't have the highest priority right now.
  6. I do get the needle wobble from time to time. Not done any proper testing as such but usually happens after an 'off' or spin where the engine has been cut.
    From what i can hear it would also seem to actually affect the mechanics/revs rather than just being a cosmetic thing as the engine sounds a bit lumpy.
    A quick push of the clutch pedal sorts it. :)
    Dont think this is related to assists because ive only noticed it when running none and ABS manually turned off.