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Doubt on Cars on career mode.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by xianG, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Since i dunno find any sub-forum related to off-topic i have to ask in here:

    The thing is in Career mode, i've played a lot in career but never passed the 2nd season due to formatting the computer or other things. But now i am in 2nd season of 7 and i'm driving a Toro Rosso and it seems like it's a godlike car, i can turn and i have some really good downforce & straight speed, that is why i wanna know if Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedez, McLaren, etc... are they better than Toro Rosson? And if it is, in which aspects?

    Because i'm in Shangai, 3rd in the championship (never won any race since i play in super hard with mods, etc.), i qualify very often in q3 with the TR, like 1.5-2 segs gap between pole & me. And in race i win 2 or 3 positions, but not more. So i'm asking if i get a Ferrari or a Red Bull contract, will i be champ and poleman? =D
  2. Well, I haven't driven many cars but, of course, there are much better cars to drive. I drove Toro Rosso one season and liked it very much. It has similar speed as Sauber, though it looks as it has more downforce than Sauber. This season I'm driving Ferrari and it is very good in all aspects (especialy, it has loads of downforce).
  3. Of course they are faster, the cars are separated into tiers which defines their handling and engine power. McLaren and RB start as tier one, HRT and Virgin at the other end of the scale are tier 5 cars. By sticking with a team and meeting objectives you can advance through tiers and get a better performing car. e.g, by the end of a 7 year career have a dominating Lotus team.
  4. You will be a "Champ" and a "Poleman" if you know the tracks really well, know how to drive without mistakes and with consistency (stole this from the game hints) and some other factors which help you become a very good driver! e.g. Braking, finding the apex, getting the exit well, overtaking etc. These factos and many others will help you achieve your goal except if you drive on easy which u need no skill for..

  5. It's IMPOSSIBLE to do poles or be champ with lotus... i did a 10th place in Istambul in 1st season i think, but never more than that. Seriously, maybe you play in default hard mode idk, i use true ai mod + fix corners, so it's not easy and i really enjoy it... i do tons of laps in practice to oil my laps & set-up fixes( i search on the set up section and i tweak for my style) and i know all tracks and stuff, the only assist i use is ABS because i have a wheel with buttons and the pedals sucks so i don't have throttle/brake control :S but overall it's REALLY challenging and that's the thing imo.

    I just want to know your experiences in Career mode, which cars are more handy, which are more good in r&d, stuff.

    btw i started 8th in the grid in shangai and finished 5th, seeya guys stay true GL!