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Double shifting with thrustmaster t500 with F1 wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Paul Van Mierlo, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Sometimes i have double shifting problems with this wheel,it happens only with upshifting,also sometimes when i for example use my kers button,it also opens my fuel/tyre menu or even worser,it starts instant replay without touching anything else.
    Maybe someone more have this problems?or someone knows how i can solve this.
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Signs of the buttons / springs breaking if it's not only F1 2012 - give Thrustmaster a call (http://ts.thrustmaster.com) and request replacement parts. They'll dispatch them within a day or two from my experience.
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  3. Yeah, i had that with my thrustmaster. ;) I am so far away and its impossibile the site Tom gave you to send me some parts, so i had to help myself allone. Nothing broken, its about the measure between the paddle and a button behind in it, i noticed what happen in the calibration tool... So... when you press the paddle you have a shift, and when you release the paddle you have again shift. This button is holded with a two screws, just tighten up to stop moving forward and back and to stop making faked signals, tighten up the paddles too to have a smaller moving, that will make you faster. :)
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    I had this shifter problem with my old DFGT, it was mostly double down shifting, frustrating especially when you go into neutral going into a corner.

    This was a faulty switch, the wheel was 18 months old, and Logitech send me a brand new wheel as a replacement. Ironically it's still sitting next to me right now, fully boxed, never unpacked, because I bought a G27 during the 2 weeks it took to sort out.
  5. Thnx guys,
    Silver i tightened up the screws i hope it helps now,not much time too test now.
    Thnx for the help all.