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DORAN LATEST TYRE FILE - While you wait...

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    as Tom Illsbroux sugested I am attaching in this post the latest tyre file we will use at the start of the seasson at Spa Francorchamps.

    The release is for those who need to practice in the weekend. Drop the file here:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yourname\race 07\Gamedata\Teams\STC Doran Cup\STC Doran JE4

    I think it was a good idea and request. Anyway we hope to have the full pack ready and ready to be downloaded before sunday ends.


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  2. Ok here is our finding, Thanks to Mikko.

    Tire file changes:

    [Super Soft]

    Heating=(6.90e-1, 6.50e-3) ---> Heating=(7.10e-1, 6.70e-3)
    WearRate=0.605e-6 ---> WearRate=0.645e-6

    Heating=(6.25e-1, 5.95e-3) ---> Heating=(6.85e-1, 6.45e-3)
    WearRate=0.605e-6 ---> WearRate=0.645e-6


    WearRate=0.415e-6 ---> WearRate=0.495e-6

    WearRate=0.415e-6 ---> WearRate=0.495e-6


    DryLatLong=(1.683, 1.646) ---> DryLatLong=(1.663, 1.626)
    Heating=(5.10e-1, 5.10e-3) ---> Heating=(4.80e-1, 5.50e-3)
    WearRate=0.225e-6 ---> WearRate=0.275e-6

    DryLatLong=(1.759, 1.702) ---> DryLatLong=(1.739, 1.682)
    Heating=(4.55e-1, 4.55e-3) ---> Heating=(4.25e-1, 5.15e-3)
    WearRate=0.225e-6 ---> WearRate=0.275e-6

    In plain english this means:
    1. Super softs now heat up more and wear faster
    2. Softs wear a lot faster now
    3. Hard tires have less grip than before, heat up less and wear faster

    I really can't understand the decision making on this.

    Super softs now heat up more and wear faster??? They already were nothing better than a qualifying tyre, and were overheating by the end of the out lap if your going full pace.
    So what do we do with them now?

    Softs wear faster...well at least they have some grip.

    Hards, less grip and heat up less??? They had no grip to begin with no they wont have any at all. They arent nice to drive on.

    I'm not going to get too much into this but its dissapointing, almost the exact opposite of what we regarded were the nessessary changes.

    My opinion for what its worth:
    Start by making the hard tyres good to drive on, by giving them enough grip to be enjoyable, use them as the base tyre or prime whatever. Then you go down the softer compounds giving more grip but taking away longevity, thats it.

    I can't see the sense in how this has been done at all. There was even feedback highlighting these things when all the testing was done.
  3. well Mike or Mikko or whoever, you got some things right like you spotted the changes, only problem is you got them all arse about tit and got the files mixed up, the newest one is dated 04/08/10
  4. Ignore my rant then. V Sorry.
  5. ah the joys of the English language :) might use that one for the broadcast, actually, hehe.
  6. a more common one is "arse about face" :D
  7. Guys, I know you all are waiting for the pack, and it is 99% ready. I am only waiting for a small fix and we will release the FULL pack.

    As late tomorrow it will be available, thanks a lot for your patience.
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