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Don't update drivers

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. I'm not sure about the higher end nivida cards but when I updated my drivers to the 275.33 my fps dropped by a massive amount and developed stuttering along with bad artifacting. So a roll back was in order and I thought I might throw a bit of a warning out there about these drivers. It also seemed that certain tracks were worse than others with the problems as well with the new drivers.
  2. Those are still beta drivers, right? I NEVER use beta drivers, and try not to update at all until forced to. I've had more troubles with new video drivers than any other element of windows. If it ain't broke...
  3. No, they`re not beta. I`m also getting weird fps drops since the last drivers update.
  4. Those WHQL 275.33 drivers and the 275.27 betas that preceded them are garbage for a lot of people, causing no end of problems in iRacing(freezes, stuttering, framerate issues and artifacts)

    Avoid at all costs!
  5. Humm, I update the drivers a few weeks ago and have not notice any difference, maybe I am not looking hard enough.
  6. Really? I just found them a couple days ago. This was from notifications from nvidia about them being released, so I didn't know they have been out for more than a week. If they were as bad for you as they were for me you would have seen it the first time you logged into iRacing for sure.

    I know they hammered me hard and I had to lose them.
  7. Not everyone has had an issue with them, but a very large amount of people have.

    You'd certainly know it if they were causing issues :D I thought my card was about to fail. Massive graphical artifacts that looked like classic card overheating/memory failing issues. 3 or 4 second complete freezes on my first lap out out the pits in any session.

    Went back to earlier drivers and it's all as smooth as butter again.
  8. Yep, same exact problems and solution here...
  9. There's me thinking I was having troubles with my ATI card and now the Nvidia ones are causing grief, lol.

    C'est la vie.