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"Don't touch my car!"

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Azfalt Raser, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hello Everybody.

    I've sparingly been in and out of these forums since last year. Mainly looking for F1 2011 mods. But was impressed as to how good this site looks, feels, and is run.

    I'm a grouchy old fart - nevermind the grass, don't touch my car!
    The first race I remember watching as a kid, was Jackie Stewart racing at Monaco, in a Tyrrell Ford.
    The glory days for me were the F1 Senna years, IMSA GTP, GTO, Le Mans Prototypes, DTM and Trans Am series cars of the same era. To find the Audi 90 GTO car in R3E almost gave me a heart attack. If only I could keep it on the track.

    Been looking for "The Game" after F1 2011 went out of style. I fell in love with DTM Experience demos and that led me to R3E. Haven't tried Assetto Corsa, iracing, or rfactor, but after my disappointments with F1 2012 & F1 2014, not gonna buy anything else unless I can try it first.
    Been trying to find a demo for pCars.

    I come from the online shooter scene and I'm relatively new to this whole online racing sim scene. So I'm gonna ask alot of dumb questions - like the ones I asked in the video I posted in the video section. Overall, I'm terrible at racing sims, something about being old, blind, and having slow reflexes ;) but I'm learning. Would be nice to learn with fellow "older" R3E participants too.

    Oh, if you know of a good Australian V8 Supercar game lemme know.

    cya around
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  3. AWESOME! Thanks.
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