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Donington National

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Chris Vick, May 31, 2008.

  1. OK, let's kick this one off for the next race. I have run a few laps online in practice, and my best is 1:24.9.

  2. 1:24:9???

    What are you driving??? An FW15C??? :O

    My best is a 1:56.4! :angel:
  3. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    I think that you drive Donnington GP? in stead of National.

    my laptime after 15 laps: 1.26.678 must go faster so more training...

  4. Hi guys, I’m fairly new here.

    I’ve just started to play GTL recently. I love the short version of Donnington Park so gave it a try. My time: 1:23.709.

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  5. Mark,

    I am basically a back-marker at this game, so you must be running the long circuit! :D

    Strider on the other hand is really quick! :alla:

    What kind of setup do you use? I find the Healey very twitchy, which seems to be slowing me down. I just tried a little stiffer front ARB, and that helped a bit. I am down to 1:24.643 now, but still a long way from your 1:23.7!

  6. I basically use the default setup, with shorter final gear and less fuel.

    This time I’ve changed the front and rear bump/rebump to 3/5 and managed to improve my time to 1:23.399.
    The car still feels very twitchy indeed, specially coming out the corner to the back straight. What I do is push the throttle a tiny bit less than max until the car finish shaking, then floor it :)

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  7. Oh the shame... How stupid and lazy of me. When I was lapping I was thinking 'I hope this is the right verion of the track.' Thing is I didn't want to alt tab and check and was too lazy to load the game up again if it crashed. So I kept lapping.

    At least I now know I am not over 30 seconds too slow lol.