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Donington admits bond plan has failed

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Resi Respati, Oct 23, 2009.

  2. :( I love donington
  3. yea vaughany... and now they've dug half of it up and have no money to put it back together again....

    that gives me a warm lulsome feeling...
  4. Lolige i want paddock hill bend at donnington and andrew to do super touring cars round there for 6 hours. Hed loooove it.
  5. Complete report:
  6. But I hate it when someone destroys it :(
  7. Live 10 miles from Doni it's like part of my life if you like and all this is complete nonesense. Would rather forget F1 and just kept it the way it was without digging half the track up and everything else.

    Ye F1 should be at Doni, as it was hosting F1 races while Silverstone was still a run way for planes to take of And the track has allot richer history then Silverstone has and will ever have, but they messed it all up now.
  8. And now Donington has no F1, no MotoGP, and no track..
  9. yep - which is great - because it saves me all the hassle of winning the lottery and nuking from orbit...
  10. No, no Tilke.

    This news is like... Oooooooold.
  11. For you :D

    EDIT: And Silverstone has already began 2010 talks now


  12. Simon Gillet is now looking to save the circuit & staff jobs, While also trying to find the funds to repair the damage of the track and future events.. Donnington is an awesome circuit with a lot of history, Real shame. I just hope it's saved as a great circuit and has a future..