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Tracks Domina Coral Bay 1.4

Major update V1.4!!! A visually stunning track good for F1, tourism cars and for insane drifting

  1. Roberto RRP submitted a new resource:

    Domina Coral Bay - The Domina Coral Bay track is a fictional track realized within the Domina Coral Bay resort

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  2. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Can't wait to try it looks fantastic !!!!
  3. I get a "Track not found" error when I launch a race
  4. Did you unpack and move to the correct path?
  5. Of course, just like every other track mod I have installed.
  6. I have no clue, others downloaded the same file, unpacked and played with it without a glitch
  7. 1.2 works perfectly. Not sure what changed but it launches races as it should
  8. You can see through some of the more banked rumble strips. Noticed it at a few points on the track.

  9. Ok, we messed up and compressed the subfolders of the track instead of the main folder. You should either create a main folder contents/tracks/dominacoralbay in which you move all the subfolders extracted from the compressed file or wait for tonight's 1.3 version :D
  10. Thanks, we'll fix it in the next releases
  11. Roberto RRP updated Domina Coral Bay with a new update entry:

    Major update! Ver 1.4

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