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Does 'tyre sim' work for the AI?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by F1 2011 Rocks!, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. We all know that fuel sim is broken for the AI, but I'm beginning to think that tyre sim is as well. This is what happened: I started the race on Options which, by lap fifteen, were of course getting pretty scuffed. The thing is, at that stage, I couldn't keep pace with any AI, not even a car similar to mine, whereas at the beginning, I was being reasonably competitive - how have you guys found it?

    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Just tried a race without tyre sim - it turns the game into an arcade game, so I really don't hope I have to turn it off to be competitive - which of course is a problem if the tyre sim is broken for the AI.
  3. from my experience tyre sim doesn't work with AI, in career mode i don't see theirs wearing either unless someone can correct me. also whats even stranger is with tyre sim off the grip and my lap times are crazy fast minus 1-2 secs off even compared to a new option tyre with sim on.
  4. I've actually found that since the patch the tyre and fuel sims work a lot better. I can remain competitive with the cars I would expect to with them on, can generally outrace and outqualify my team mate and apart from one or two circuits I struggle with anyway I don't find the AI to get much of a significant advantage when the fuel and tyre sims are active. Might just be me though...
  5. tyre sim has nothing to do with wear on the tyres that is governed by the damage setting tyre sim off means your grip and temp levels change when its on the tyres are always at optimum temperature and when its off you have to heat the tyres on your own they start cold and gradually heat up also they effect grip when the track is wet and combined with damage full the wear on the tyres effects your grip levels.

    Also when the tyres are really hot and tyre sim and dammage is on the tyres wear away faster

    Hope this helps
  6. That really hasn't been my experience. For one thing, I am running the HD tyres mod and with tyre sim on, come around lap 15 or so at Bahrain, the tyres were showing considerable wear and tear - I wasn't able to go round corners as well as before, and the AI were getting away from me - even cars comparable to mine.

    So, I tried with tyre sim off. Not only was I able to keep pace with the AI, but other faster AI seemed to be taking an age to catch me up. Also, come lap 15 on the same track with the same tyres (options) and the same weather conditions, there was no visible wear on the tyres, I could go round corners just as fast as I could at the beginning of the race, and the AI were unable to get away from me as well.

    For me, at least, this clearly shows that tyre sim is governing not only whether the tyres show visible wear, but also whether they wear physically as well as cosmetically - with it on, they don't wear and with it off, they do.

    This is damned annoying. Even turning the AI up a level will not help, as driving without tyre sim feels like an arcade game, I can go round corners stupidly quickly with complete abandon. With tyre sim enabled, I have to drive carefully. If I do have to turn tyre sim off to be competitive, then I could really do with a mod that reduces the grip a little. Not as much as that 25% extra damage mod did, that was stupid, but reduced a little, so driving has some challenge to it. Right now, I feel as though I can drive to the end of the race without going off, without even trying and that's just boring.

    Unmodded, the game was probably at my level, even with tyre sim on - but the problem was the AI was far too slow round corners and as well as that, they never made any mistakes, let alone DNF.

    Edit: Would it make enough of a difference if I lower traction control settings a bit - without making me spin off all the time?
  7. Can anyone verify this? I used Fergo BinXML to look into ai_vehicle_config.xml and found this.

    <fuelEffectsEnabled bool="false" />
    <fuelEffectsApplyToPlayerVehicle bool="false" />

    I set them to true and tried a race and was keeping up with all the cars in a 100% fuel load race. Unfortunately I couldn't try many tracks as it is 6am and I'm dead tired.

    Also there is lots of tire data in this xml file as well, but none of it is a boolean setting, so I'm assuming all AI suffer tire wear.
  8. Not sure what that file says, but they're sure as hell not acting like they suffer any tyre wear.