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Does the new iRacing V8Supercars partnership mean problems for ORSM?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by MarcG, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. MarcG

    Premium Member

  2. There shouldn't be a problem as ORSM are not modifying any parts of nor stealing any parts of the IRacing work. Previously before Iracing it was Papyrus with Nascar Racing 2003. It appeared that you could create a mod but you couldn't pull apart an existing part of NR2003. One of the big issues was to get various physics sets there were modifications performed on the main NR2003 executable/application and this was being released. This was a major issue and did cause the owners to pursue legally. I was fortunate enough to have witnessed this unfold and it would be particularly scary for an individual modder. If there was a problem with original content then iRacing could pursue a number of mods already out there featuring the F1 and Nascar cars. There is a mod out for rFactor that is a conversion of a Microsoft product, this would have brought the world of oppression down on the mod converters if it were an iRacing conversion and the last thing the world needs is the ire of these major corporations down on us because yes - that would certainly kill the modding industry. So better to build from scratch than convert commercial products and pretend you created them because it will upset the hobby eventually.
  3. This is why we're very stringent on what we release and very selective when it comes to using content provided by parties outside the team. We've always stood by our 100% scratch built ethos and will continue to do so into the future. This is why it takes so bloody long to release the mods, we don't just convert other peoples IP and rebadge it as an ORSM product.
  4. I can't see us having a problem. You could say V8Supercars are the ones with a problem as they've just put their weight behind a sim which features only one of the manufacturers in the series :confused:. I'd be surprised if Holden are be happy with the agreement unless of course there is a plan to get the Holden into iRacing soon. Of course we (Team ORSM) could have offered V8Supercars a complete product which has all the cars from both manufacturers going back nearly a decade! I think they've got a bum steer somewhere :).
  5. I actually veiw it as a win for the greeter sim racing community. The more V8SC content available to the average Joe the better IMHO. Whether it be an ORSM, Iracing, FVR or illegaly converted FORZA product it's all good for the fans.
  6. I agree with ORSM, Iracing, FVR but I stand by that I don't agree with illegally converted Forza whichever one you are referring to. The reason I agree with all the rest is they are scratch. I don't have an issue with an addon physics that doesn't interfere with the original mod, which can be done as we did it for Adrenalin a couple of years ago so the orginal mod stays intact. If it was the ORSM mod converted or renamed or rebadged I know ORSM would be extremely upset. If we condone illegal conversions for public release then aren't we saying rip ORSM, Iracing and FVR off as well. Iracing will come down hard on you as I watched a couple of the guys that went through it and it wss not nice and it was full on and spread across the world. I know that the FVR mod was taken completely, re-badged with different physics applied to it, no permission was sought and its called Hardcore V8. The only reference to FVR is if you sit and wait for the credits at the very end. I don't think that's correct and basically it has stopped FVR from doing anything original for rF anymore. As for taking a long time and being totally scratch made. I agree with Krunch but we also have to put a scale to this, if ORSM members have 10 minutes spare time to put to the mod per month and someone else spends 20 minutes a month, although one is completed twice as fast doesn't mean one is less original than the other. Anyway - back to what the original question was - no I don't think ORSM would have a problem and the only issue would be copyright to the manufacturers and sponsors but as you aren't profiting from it then whats the harm.

    Oh yeah one last thing - I agree Krunch - Holden have done themselves wrong and the V8Factor would have made a good licenced version.
  7. I'm not for a second condoning the theft of the FORZA IP, merely acknowlegding that it's out there and contributing to the content available to the fans.

    Hardcore V8, Mate that sucks or as you say "Is not correct". IP theft is reality all mod teams and software developers face, I don't think stopping further RF releases is the best way to combat the issue as it is the fans who suffer but I understand why you have and sadly I don't have a workable solution to this. It goe's without saying that the IRACING legal team is much larger than ORSM's and FVR's therefore with the Unleashed Mod I have taken a rather liberal approach to it or it's content being used beyond the scope of our intent, simply put once in the public domain the mod is out of my control. Again Im not condoning the theft or misuse of our work (nor am I stating that this represents the views of ORSM) but I Gav.G am very aware that we are limited in our response to those actions.
  8. I get ya Gavin. Well as for rF1 its not sour grapes, we're moving forward to other bits and pieces so we'll still be there and overhauling all our track stuff for another prime release.
  9. MarcG

    Premium Member

    thanks guys, good to know you have it all under control, would hate for a great team like yours to get blocked from releasing quality material.
    Looking forward to the next update and whatever you release for RF2 :)
  10. Did you contact them about that? I bet I know what they would have said lol, they same thing they said to iRacing. iRacing had to pay for it through the nose. iRacing also had pay through the nose to get the Nascar and other pro drivers to endorse their product. So seeing as Ford got paid, V8 Supercars got paid, I have a feeling the Holden will want in on that action soon :D
  11. I must admit iRacing is a bit disappointing from a V8Supercar stand point. Only having one make being a Ford Falcon which is pretty awesome sim but no Holden Commodore, so they give them a Corvette. I don't understand why they only made the Falcon and not the Commodore as well at the same time.
    Thank god for ORSM its as close to the real thing as you can get. Why V8Supercars haven't picked you guys up and make an official series out of it like what the did with iRacing well never know.
    There loss is our gain which is why were sticking with the real sim ORSM
  12. Thank you for the kind words Scorpio. I haven't tried iRacing so I honestly don't know what all the fuss is about. However from pics/vids I've seen I would expect more from an "Officailly Licencensed product". What I hope is that the shortcomings in iRacing inspire the next generation of modders to step up as the old Codemasters Racedriver series did for me.
  13. Your not missing much, don't worry. It's confusing to get into races, and when you do, they are short lived and very un-entertaining.
    Yet I find myself sitting here playing the WV8S version of this all day and night, mostly because I get a good kick out of an actual simulation, especially when the car is always plotting how it's going to kill me, good times :D
  14. From the daunting heights of the moral high ground (actually a good spot to watch the race from also by the way) I would like to add a few small statements of fact from the mere mortal corner:

    1. Inspiration to develop, build and produce these free mods and games has and I believe, will always come from the fact that there is always a small group of people out there not willing to accept the severly restricted, poorly crafted and often expensive games that we are forced to play because apparently V8SC can be grouped as being ' about the same' as NASCAR and european rival series so little needs to be invested in the wee convicts down in Australia...( In short, what I'm refering to is patriotism and passion).

    2. That inspiration is then chanelled through that equally small group of very grateful (unfortunately probably single if not soon to be divorced) hopefuls who play these games( often, for what could be considered a somewhat unhealthy period of time), driving these high definition imitation powerhouses around the track in ways that would make even Craig Lowndes cringe... End state: Australian Made - Australian Played.

    3. Buying computer games and going to the V8s for real is not a cheap experience. Yet I have burnt through more E85 fuel, Dunlop Sports Max tyres and rear bumpers off fords all for the small charge of $0 by investing my patience and trust in that small group of guys to continually deliver what only Aussies can... What we actually want.

    4. Let V8 Supercars have iracing. I believe it will only strentghen the resolve of the ORSM and FVR community to keep producing realism at a more expensive price. Even if that price is only our patience. Personally I think that is a small price to pay to have the quality we have.

    Good things do actually come to those that wait..