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Does Race Length affect chances of Rain?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Mackus, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. I've not had any Rain in my races since Melbourne where I played 100% and I'm currently in Belgium where it rained in all 3 practice sessions and qualifying sessions but has 0% chance to rain in the race which is disappoints me alot since Belgium is infamous for its weather conditions so a little lack of realism there - I currently play on 40% race length.

    So does decreasing the race length decrease the chances of rain? Its a theory ive come up with and I hope its not true.
  2. Yes. As you get lower in race percentages, your chance of rain diminishes. So if you run on 20%, you need a 20% chance of rain to have any chance of rain at all (1%), and need closer to 80% chance of rain to actually see any effect.

    On 40% chances get higher, so you would need realisticly a 60% chance of rain to logically see rain.

    Theres no time compression with shortened races, so if it rains on lap 20 in a race, and you run an 11 lap race, you won't see that rain.
  3. I'm not sure myself, however if dynamic weather isn't timed scaled I don't think 20% chance of rain + 20% race length = 1% chance of rain. I'd still expect a 20% chance of rain, and that rain would be likely to last most of the race.

    It is difficult black box testing the dynamic weather behavior because it is (nicely) random. I would like to hear from CM what the expected behavior is during shorter races.
  4. When I was racing in Valencia, during the race itself there was a 54% chance of rain if im not mistaken.

    I was racing 100% race, at about lap 26 it started raining. On lap 28 I go into pits to change to wet's but because of the pitfreeze bug I got stuck there and had to shut down the game.
    Restart the game and again I try 100% race, rain starts on lap 26 again. go in to change to wet's and again pit freeze.
    Next run I only race 30%. It never started raining.
    Note tho that this was pre patch
  5. Its a damn shame really. Looking at my screen now P1 P2 and P3 has 86% chance to rain, Q1 Q2 and Q3 has around the same grudually getting wetter as the Qualifying session gets longer then Race day has 0%.

    A possible workaround maybe if I badly wanted rain, even for different change of scenario would to set the race to 100% then after qualifying exit to paddock and set to my standard race length, it may not rain til the last few laps but its better than racing on dry through every race in the season :/
  6. Ideally the dynamic weather setting would be a slider that you could adjust and increase/decrease chance of weather.
  7. Then its not 'Dynamic' weather. Its 'Weather I set.'
  8. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    20% Chance of rain + 20% race = 1 in 5 chances of rain at all.
  9. No you misunderstood me, I want a dynamic weather option, but the ability to influence the probabilities of wet/dry. Picking the static Light Rain or Heavy Rain settings doesn't provide the strategic elements of changing weather conditions.