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Does Race 07 give better sense of traction loss than rf2?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Knorpp, May 25, 2013.

  1. If so, why! Rf2 ffb seems to be very detailed, but in Race 07 sense of traction loss is instantaneous, unmistakeable and even violent. And I love it. I'm referring specifically to front-drive cars as that is what I drive in Race 07. So comparing to Clio and Corsa, for example, the rf2 cars have more going on with ffb with more detail, torque steer, etc. but is detail a trade-off for clarity in traction loss? Could rf2 have too much detail? I also know seat of pants, etc info is coming through, etc, so just curious to learn and understand this more and hear others' thoughts, experiences and opinions.
  2. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
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    Simple answer in my opinion, yes :)

    I agree that rf2 has more stuff going on in the ffb, but at the same time everything related to traction loss/gain, especially the phases in between that state is either not there, or not pronounced in the ffb, or sometimes also very on/off-like in the cars themselves.
    Full grip -> long slide -> full grip ...

    All the effects regarding track-surface are plentiful and detailed indeed :)

    I don't think necessarly that it is too much detail in this case, as that would only be the case if some constant forces would mask more subtle forces somehow, but I don't think that this is happening here.
    I think this is simpy a case of a developer's choice, how the they think that ffb from the wheel should be simulated.

    p.s.: I'm talking about RWD cars, as I only drive them.
  3. What Race 07 car did you try Kevin? I'd love to give it a go and check myself:)
  4. Best example is WTCC Chevrolet, although many if not all of the other front-drive WTCC are excellent also. The other thing I notice is that the skidding sounds are exactly in sync with traction loss ffb. So great.

    Another point I'd like to add is that I remember fiddling with pCars ffb tweaker files which allow you to adjust traction loss, seat of pants, weight xfer, etc. and I was able to get a pretty good setup there as well with respect to traction loss coming through, but nothing as crisp as race 07 WTCC.
  5. The drivability and controllability of RACE07 is very under appreciated, and there's no question that some of simbins 2005-2011 stuff have both...though there are a few cars here or there that I have doubts about.
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  6. Just bought retro pack and have to say this ffb is also excellent.
  7. To me rFactor 2 feels like I've hit a patch of ice when I lose grip the wheel has no force at all, Race07 gives me more feel when I lose control, which is extremely rare of course.;)