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Does pCars have a demo?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by DaJun Kan, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. does project cars has demo . somebody played before? i got one gtx770 i think buy another one will be ok for project cars.:)
  2. GTX770 OC works well for me, but I can't max everything and stay at 60 fps (I always use vsync). Further optimizations to come, but I don't know if a demo is in the works.
  3. There is no demo yet and there won't be until release time. Those who paid for early access (offered for a limited time only) can play and help develop Pcars. That offer is no longer available.
  4. buddy are you talking about gigabyte 770 OC or msi? when i play ac4 770 not good enough.also in MetroLL and CODGHOST´╝î BF4 was ok.good at formula1 2013 and other games. but if dont have a demo where those pictures and video from..:)
  5. thanks man
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