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Does GTR Evolution overwrite the RACE 07 files?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eckhart von Glan, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. bought it today at the local shop, tried to join the RD server but game crashed while loading participants (actually while loading Sander Hoogendorn lol!).
    Important: if you already have Race 07 installed and seriously overcrowded with skins and stuff, the boxed stand alone version will still put your GTR Evo installation on top of your old Race07 installation. With all the new car classes, better get rid of all the weight you can shed, my loading times are abysmal!
    Brilliant new cars!
  2. Silly Question "Eckhart" going off your post you've purchased the full version, and yet its still overwriten your original Race 07. So to my question how did you gone on with entering your CD key?
  3. It's the same cd key of Race 07 or an other?
  4. Not a silly question at all. You still have to enter your new CD Code. The nice thing is, you can also access your old Race07 installation without the new stuff by clicking on the old desktop icon. For the WTCC-league, that'll be the quick way.
    Loading times were considerably down once I had restarted the PC, in fact they are way way better than in the old game, especially loading tracks is twice as fast. The cars are simply terrific, especially the WTCC extreme, like DTM only that Race Driver 3 never managed to get it right.

    Some pics from my first laps yesterday:

    Marcos cockpit


    Gumpert Apollo


    Gumpert Apollo cockpit (tiny tiny window :) )