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Does FSR hate the Brits?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. Well think about it, because we havent had a British or an Trueblood English speaking President since FSR was born despite a few attempts to get to that position, not many people from GB is able to get a job role in FSR these days and not many british teams or drivers in the Top division, so i will ask the question again.

    Does Formula SimRacing hate people from Great Britain?
  2. let me answer that question? yes they do why, because i posted this status and 1 dislike already, nice indeed.
  3. I bet you don't see who disliked both your posts. :D
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  4. :roflmao:

    Well, it does show in the notifications.
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  5. I dont think so, but if you wont stop spamming with similar monologue topics, who knows....

    But Im sure some certain someone would give you more honest answer...... actually, he already did :roflmao:
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  6. Maybe they are not meant to be, or who could be, they are not interested on it.

    It is something personal Ron? Do you want to achieve a specific position?
  7. Yes, "FSR" hates brits

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  8. Once again, Ondrej has an absolutely valid and sound point. Exactly what I have said previously.

    We are an absolutely useless, pointless and offer nothing to the world country. I am a Brit and even I know that. I have said this to Ondrej also, I genuinely feel like a foreigner living in my own country.

    Britain, currently, is not a particularly nice to place to live and we certainly have one of the most crass and depressing societies hated by just about everyone other than Americans.

    The lack of brain and thought in this country verges on shocking. Honestly, shocking.

    Does FSR hate Brits? No. Does everyone else? You're goddam right they do and rightly so!
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  9. I love you guys! :inlove:
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  10. Ron your weird. There are plenty of people from Britain that have had roles in FSR and many drivers too that scored points in WC this past season.

    Did someone hurt your feelings? This thread is nonsense.
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  11. Don't even worry about it. He was turned down for a role for which he wasn't suitable, and now he wants to seek attention for his "I think they hate me" campaign.
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  12. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    I don't really know how FSR works, I've never played this league, but judging by what someone said about "roles", I'm guessing there are jobs within the servers. Sometimes you may not be the right be the right material for the job, whether it's lack of experience or could be something like a timezone difference which would mean that you wouldn't be able to contribute to the server as much as they would like. Don't take it so personally Ron, it doesn't mean they "hate" you per se.

    I completely agree. Which is why I'm so bloody desperate to emigrate to Australia within a couple of years (hopefully)! It is actually the best country in the world!


    A *very* pissed-off Brit :p
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  13. And now he start to go on, where it ended in the GPVWC. He is literally asking for a ban, lol
  14. This topic should be named "Does Brits hate the Brits?" :roflmao:
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  15. ya. they are that bad, that they even hate themselve :D
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  16. Peter Bell

    Peter Bell
    Chief Executive, Front Row Racing Team

    Is this a serious topic. Does FSR hate the British? Ok. I'm well aware that we may not be the most popular country out there but I honestly don't think its the case.

    All I'm hoping for is my time in FSR be judged on what I do and what I bring rather than be judged on where I come from and where I live.

    Yours Sincerely

    A very content British Citizen (Scouser)
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  17. right just had a conversation with Thomas Mundy and we discussed what happened.

    I was a little wrong on this issue, plus i didn't know most facts that i was never told, but anyway a little bit of this also concerned me that i wasn't able to get a FSR Media role, due to being inconsistent (which i wont deny because i had problems that were no fault of my own).

    Thomas also told me that Ondrej might have fueled me up a bit with his 'ridiculous' articles, those were one other reasons to post this thread and therefore fueled him up even more, should he return (which we hope wont happen) and no i wasn't literally asking for a ban.

    I was a little erratic, i should have thought twice, but i haven't, but now i am actually and genuinely sorry.

    but this apology might have been too late to save my current role as ACR Media Director, as of this moment i'm relieved from my position, that doesn't effect our current friendship, we still communicate (something that the GPVWC never done after i was banned there) and more than happy to right me a recommendation should i get back into a Media Role (when i am more consistent).

    but now i shall do 1 more video for FSR (at Christmas) and after that until the near future, it is Nos Da (Goodnight in Welsh) .
  18. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Well sometimes people have to prove themselves more than others. In your case, there is nothing preventing you from doing highlights or whatever on your own. If they are good you will be recognized for it. If they aren't then maybe its not your calling. Thing is, if you would have kept writing PRO and/or ACE articles all year you would have probably been 1st choice to do it again this year. Sometimes you just have to take initiative for yourself. Important also is not to ask for recognition, but just accept it gracefully.

    Personally I think you do a good job with graphics and you did write an article or 2 that was well done.
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  19. You should definitely become FTS media person soon :D
  20. thanks kris, much appreciated
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