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Does Crossfire.....

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Angeltheartist, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Angeltheartist


    Can this game run with Crossfire enabled ? It's not working for me . All my other racing sims work fine with Crossfire enabled (Iracing, A.C and Rfactor2) Is there any in game settings that need to be changed in order for Crossfire to work . I already have triple monitor set up in game . Just don't know if Im missing something.
  2. Crossfire with two HD7870 never worked for me... but not only with R3E but also with AC, there I got less FPS than with Crossfire disabled.
    I think it's a driver issue, at least that's what Kunos always stated for AC... but I think driver support from AMD is really awful generally. I switched to a Nvidia card!
  3. I am about to go crossfire so i've been researching this. Found this in a steam forum and saved the text, don't have link though...

    "try this:

    In the thread, folks said it worked......

    "Thank you! Works great, however I notice some texture corruptions.
    I was able to remedy this by using RadeonPro along side with Dynamic
    VSync on with smooth gameplay at 4K!"
  4. Wow Crossfire has been a nightmare for me. 2 x HD6970's.
    2 years ago, after a driver update, for some reason, both cards were sharing the workload for EVERY game I played. Even games that supposedly were not crossfire compatible. I was in heaven. Out of this world fps, Low noise, low temps!!!!

    Then another driver update, ended that. Never been able to replicate that. The current Omega driver update causes my monitors to turn off.

    They insisted that I didn't remove the old driver or didn't install the new one correctly.
    I used AMD's driver removal tool (as instructed) and then rebuilt my pc from scratch - literally tore it down to the components and then put it back together again. Did a re-format and fresh install of windows and installed the updated AMD drivers after installing windows.


    The new driver worked great for 1 video card though.

    Nvidia is my next gpu.
  5. "try this:

    Hi Nino,
    What version of CCC is that? I don't have the "AMD CrossfireX" tab.
    I do have Gaming Tab and Performance tab.
    Under those tabs is "AMD CrossfireX" selection but both of those only have the option to enable or disable CrossFireX.
    The new Omega CCC makes my monitors shut down.
  6. Azfalt - I had the same issue at first - you have to go into "Gaming" tab, then "3d application settings", then click "Add..." and select your RRRE.exe in your steam folder. Then in that profile you just created (will show as rrre.exe under application settings now) you will see the settings if you scroll to the bottom below tessellation.

    of course enable crossfire in the section you already found

    CCC version 2015.0331.1624.27668 in help
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  7. Hi all, is only afr friendly working, or can you choose a profile from another game of the driver list, wich is working for r3e too, or better?

    Afr friendly is working for me, but with a little flickering.
  8. Same here on afr - I prefer single card for now until it's better. Would love to hear if anyone has found a better workaround.
  9. même problème avec la GTX 680 SLI, je ne sais pas pourquoi le jeu est pas compatible
  10. i have the same problem with the sli gtx 680, and low fps with single card stuttering, ect... i spend lot of money for nothing i stop this sim , gsc ,ac, pc ,rf2 are better........
  11. Thanks Nino, i'll go the same way.
    This sim is not finish jet, so maybe we'll get support from S3 in the future for SLI/Crossfire.
    In one card modus the game is running very smooth, np at all for me.

    PS: The AMD cards are very well since the Grafics Core Next architecture, begins with the HD 7850

    No, with one card it's running very smooth, you have some other problems than.
    Check your drivers, or your setup of SLI.
    Maybe you have to delete the game and install it complete new, some others have fixed there problems after that, give it a try. But than you have to delete all from the game, inclusive setup data.

    In my opinion is r3e the best next gen driving sim, try the DTM '92 and the Group 5 for example!!!
  12. @Lemmy411
    i have bought all the games exept 3 cars for support sim bin but this sim is really disappointing except sound cars,
    i have very bad feeling with the ffb [ ice skating], no support sli, no support triple screen,
    all my sims works fine except r3e since the last update.

    in my opinion you pay all the time but the game stagnate...the best next gen driving sim? really ?
  13. Im on board with the best current racing sim Claim...mainly due to immersion and fun factor. Bur certain sections of certain tracks are overloaded...u notice running 1080x5760 resolution...hence the need for xfire at this resolution, even with an r9 290x.

    In the meantime, i just set track detail to low and all others on high and it runs smoothly
  14. @Zboubi
    I started sim racing with GT Legends and i have raced GTR2, Race07, rFactor.
    Now i have Raceroom, Assettto Corsa, tester of Project Cars, at that time you could buy the beta builds and i have tested rFactor 2.
    So i know what i'am talking about. For sure, each person have other favorits, but Raceroom have by way the best content, best sounds and the best online netcode.

    Iam a online driver, so a good working netcode, ist most important for me!
    Physics and the force feedback are very good too for me, i use a clubsport wheel v2 and the v2 pedals, iam very happe with this setup, feels great, no "ice skating" at all, in no way!

    How Nino Scholz says, immersion and fun factor, specially online, is in this game the best.

    So, the best next driving sim for "me", really!!!

    PS: triple screen will be included later and hopefully sli/crossfire too.
    Next big step will be the dedicated server.
  15. I agree.
    Some of the cars have little to no road feel. Audi90GTO is perfect example. I can't feel the road. And sometimes under breaking, on video, the car turns left into the guardrail, but I feel nothing in the steering wheel. Maybe I am experiencing "clipping"? I like a very heavy feeling steering wheel with alot of effort. Some cars feel great. Audi A8, Open top Prototype car, cadillac CTSV, Porsche...
    I can feel the road. I can feel when it breaks traction. So I think it's individual handling characteristics, rather than an overall game issue. S3 just went overboard on some of the cars.

    Yes, this game does need SLI/Crossfire support.
    My single HD6970 GPU has started to run at 104C on low settings. It's no longer playable for me. But my crossfire 2 x HD6970 setup works great in BF4 at 5760x1080 resolution on High settings.

    Also, I run 8x anti aliasing in other games.
    In R3E: 4x AA = jagged edges, cars, armco barriers, buildings, cars....60-70fps.
    8x AA = smooth edges 8 fps.
  16. wait mate, just one exemple, .
    how can you compare gsce 2013 and r3e,are you serious?
    R3E = 110 e
    gsc 2013 = 20 e
    i am sorry but i think we need more results, and stop buying all the time, or give a present .......