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Does BTB should remain a private software ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jay_p_666, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I mean.. now the success of BTB is determined directly by the amount of sales from each individual users and it support games but unofficially. What about if we could have some sort of agreement between BTB and games developers to directly feature BTB with the game in the package box... okay maybe it's a crazy idea but it make a little sense. A part of that money earned by selling individual game copys could go to the developer hands...plus that would mean the software itself could grow by his own and offer daily update versions and fixes even after the game release.

    Say me what you think...:messed:
  2. ...that would be a big step forward in history for a partnership between a private software and a game developer, and that could put the devs more close to their fans and community... after all, that's what rFactor is... a game success based on it's fanbase.
  3. I can't agree alas. In fact I think it would demean BTB if it was 'given away' with a game.

    After all, all the people who have bought rFactor [as an example] have bought it exclusively to race with, not to build tracks for. Of them, only a very small minority will ever think of making a track, they'll be too busy racing, as I was up till a couple of years ago. And of the minority that think of it, only a few will be interested enough to go through the learning curve of actually making a worthwhile track.

    And if they are interested and are part of the rFactor community they'll most likely become aware of BTB anyway.

    Besides, if BTB were given away with a game that was as long lasting as rFactor, then that would be it for sales of BTB for that game, as everyone who had the game would have it.

    Far better to just broaden it's scope, as with BTBEvo, and hopefully with future sims. That will get it talked about on more & more forums and bring in more & more interested people.

    And last but not least Brendon deserves 100% percent of the price of each copy, nothing less!!
  4. I think the game software should talk to BTB and work with him to help make it easier for the modders to make tracks for their new sims as the games get more complex.

    BTB should be a stand alone program.