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Does anyone use a Ferrari GT experience racing wheel?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ev0d3vil, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Just got it and I find playing without TC kinda hard:( the pedals are pretty hard too in terms of tension. Doesnt feel like a real gas pedal.
  2. iv'e had the same problem with no TC ... i use to race with TC on, but recently i stopped using most Assists, at first i kept spinning, so i put the throttle deadzone t 20% and got use to not having TC. i have no deadzone now for my throttle.

    it takes abit of practice. :)
  3. I used the exact same wheel before I got my G27, I bought it because the paddles got damaged and didnt work after a while and I did want H-pattern for other racing games and 900 rotation. But when I used the ferrari wheel while it worked I had no problem at all without TC and I really liked that wheel for F1 2010.
  4. if you search the forum threads for Bram he has posted a g25 set up, works great with my g27 and im sure it will with the ferrari. i tweaked it a little for more feed back but its a great set up.

    heres the post

  5. I have this wheel and I've had no problems without TC. You're right about the pedals they are pretty stiff but I've got used to them and I'd rather they were too stiff than too loose! This wheel is very good value for money.

    Mine sometimes gives a very gentle rumble when it shouldn't (ie. in the menus) hope that's not a sign of a fault. Usually play with the rumble right down or off.
  6. Guys, what are the throttle deadzones and saturations you use? Or is it a every person, different settings thing?
  7. Each person should use settings that are right for them.

    I have a ferrari GT and use min max settings except for steering saturation where Im learning to run with it as low as possible. I use no deadzones, they just create lag in your responce when turning (seen many videos of people thinking the game was broke but they had saturation above 0% for steering or pedals). Pedals are fine, nice smooth action.

    Its no G25/G27 but I have other more important things to spend £200 on.
  8. Totally agree.

    Also, mine sometimes gives off a rumble during menu's as well, don't think it's a fault, as it's done it since I installed it.
  9. I use min/max settings also. Certainly shouldn't use any deadzone settings with this wheel but other settings are personal preference.

    My feelings exactly.
  10. I can't even get this controller to work on the game. It doesn't even recognise it to set it up with under the customer controls. Does anyone have any suggestions?