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Does AMS support Direct Drive Wheels?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Immutef, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Will it support Direct Drive Wheels like the OSW out of the box?
  2. ..or Accuforce? :D
  3. There are people with those playing it. If it is out of the box I don't know.
  4. The creator of the physics for Reiza uses a leo bodnar wheel, that has to mean something.. He is Niels Heusinkveld
  5. The AccuForce works great with AMS, as does SimVibe. :)

    The only issue I have is that I have to turn down the FFB with the Rally cars as the bump detail on dirt is too high right now.
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  6. I've problem with a Direct Drive Mmos .
    - FFB skip Update set to "1" to controller.ini :
    LOW Effect : Playable but FPS drop 60 to 50 (V-Sync On) during high strength , curbs, grass..
    MEDIUM Effect : Unplayable , drop to 3 FPS
  7. MrJack, this fps issue with DD wheels has been reported in the beta forums already. So you can rest assured the devs are aware of it. :)
  8. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Even with FFB skip at 7, you're still getting 'finer' FFB than in GSC so you can go up from 1 to increase fps.
  9. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    I had strong stutters with FFB skip at 0 ate medium, especially driving over a curb...on low it was ok, but I want to use Medium....set it to 1 and it's ok now. Using Accuforce.
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  10. Using OSW with Skip Updates set to 3. Working perfectly without any stutters.
  11. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz

    Hi Niels,
    I understand you are driving a Leo Bodnar wheel and, presumably, you are hitting the same problem others with direct drive wheels are having. Are you skipping FFB at 7? or are you able to run it at higher rates (meaning 0 or 1). Is this an issue related to computer power? Will there be a fix to make sure direct drive wheel can use fully the new power behind of AMS? Which would be recommended settings (controller.ini, DDW software, etc) that you would recommend for current state of the sim?

    Apologies for the batch of questions and thanks for your time.
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  12. I'm playing the beta with my new DD wheel (OSW-type wheel running MMos firmware).

    Everything works with FFB skip at 1, no FPS issue.
    I had to set RealFeel smoothing level at 4 minimum though, otherwise I had very strong, high frequency, unpleasant vibrations.
    With smoothing at 4 and some damping, it feels very, very good.

    I still can't use the rallycross track though, too many bumps ; it feels like you're driving a car with no suspension on some old stone pavement... (to the point it started to loosen some nuts and bolts which didn't have spring washers on my rig...)
  13. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    The DD wheel plan of attack is:
    - Set the FFB Skip updates in userdata/yourname/controller.ini to the lowest value that has no FPS loss for you (in my case 1 but don't worry you can go up to 7)
    - Set the realfeel smoothing up and up, 4 seems a good base, perhaps more on the supertruck and karts.

    We'll provide a 'clipping free' INI soon for the (relatively) few DD wheel owners to use as a starting point.
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  14. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz

    Thanks Niels. Would you also share some ssc configuration files for your Leo Bodnar wheel, or the settings you find to work best with it? Thanks.
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  15. There is DefaultSmoothingLevel and a bunch of SmoothingLevel for each type of car.
    Which one needs to be set to 4, all of them?
    For now I just bumped Overall Filter in MMOs to 7%, with default smoothing and some damping it's quite good already.
  16. I've removed all of the MMOs filtering since Reiza increased smoothing. Damper is set to ~15%. Skip updates set to 2.

    Edit: I think you have to set all of them at 4 if you feel a need to fiddle with it. Default is something the plugin will use if there are no separate value set for that exact car.
  17. jsrjet86


  18. Any update on this Niels?
  19. still interested in this, after watching your kart AMS stream just now where you are mentioning the SimSteering DD system :sneaky:
  20. Just manually edit the realfeel.ini if you want "clipping free" FFB. Raise the MaxForceAtSteeringRack. For eg. I raised the F309 to -6000 but I might lower it to -5000 or -4500 and then also lower other FFB settings to equal the equivalent output but, ya, just raise the number of the MaxForceAtSteeringRack and don't forget to keep the negative if it's there.

    If people don't want to use and check Motec to see what number they should use then just tell me the car and track and I'll quickly do tests for everyone here and report back. You can even send me (or tell me) your setup if you want to be that precise. I enjoy doing this stuff :)
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