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Does AI in GSC bad same as rfactor?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by skyline86, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hi! all. I'm a offline racer, and i just bought GSC to play Formula Reiza with AI. I don't have wheel so i use gamepad to play GSC. I set AI strength at lowest level and i can't chase them. Seem AI in GSC bad as rfactor.
  2. RF2 is a beta so it is not a good idea to judge it now. And overall rf2 has other big problems at this time that it should solve if ISI wants to do THE simulation...
  3. Perhaps he was refering to Rfactor 1 and not the new one.
  4. For me, is much better! Offline races are great.
  5. I see AI stock car in GSC is better than Reiza Formula, in stock car i can overtake them at AI lowest level, but when i try Reiza Formula, they very fast and i can't overtake them.
  6. Somebody correct me if i am wrong, but as i understand the AI in GSC is VERY good for the stock cars, the team at reiza worked to develop a very fine tuned a.i.

    BUT the downloadable cars (F1, F.Classic and F3) don't have the fine tuned AI so they are not as good as the stock cars. I think the formula cars were made with online racing in mind and not really for offline. However the Stock cars are the main act of this game and the AI is considered one of the best in the market.

    Again, i might be wrong but hope that helps.
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  7. I think same as Adrian Herrera. In Stock car mode, AI very good to race with. But in DLC car, AI is horrible!
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    I think I remember a post elsewhere on this forum that mentions the AI with the DLC. I can't be sure, but I think that during qualifying, if you want to skip the rest of qualifying, your should use the 'time advance' method to speed up time, don't use the skip to next session (skip to race?).

    I think it was mentioned that the AI lose their 'driving level' and don't race to their Quali standard. Meaning that they race to a higher level than they qualified ......

    I think that was the gist of what the thread said, but it was a long time ago when I read it ......

    EDIT: Having read this again, it sounds like I am talking about an old F1 2011 bug, but somehow I have this nagging feeling that Alex (Reiza) posted about this ......
  9. AI in GSC is the best of the sim games, they fight, don't let you pass easily, and repass you if they can.
  10. Oups... My head was in the test of the beta...
  11. Does the AI use the "Push-to-Pass" System?
  12. I can't be certain, but to me, they certainly look to be using it in Stock cars, on the straight at Interlagos.

    On the subject of AI, after a bit of tweaking to match my own abilities, I am having great battles offline with Formula Classic.
  13. This sentence is to high english for me. Could you please simplify?
  14. Not sure but when I race the Stock Cars, the AI look like they use the push to pass on the main straight in Interlagos.

    No estoy seguro, pero cuando ejecuto los Stock Cars, la IA parece usar el push to pass en la recta principal de Interlagos.
  15. Ahh got it. Thank you. So and you think only at the main straight of Interlagos they use Push-To-Pass.
    Its just guessing.

    Ich verstehe kein portogiesisch komme doch von wo ganz anderes her ; )

  16. Well, I am not saying it is only place they can use it, but that is where I think I have seen them use it.