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Documentation overview

Discussion in 'Racer' started by svetter, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. svetter


    Me again :)

    I am starting to analyze my data now and I am seeking for as much information from the logfile as possible. So far I understood a couple of the columns and wanted to share which information I found an how you could use it. It would be nice if you could add whichever info you know about the logfile with me and which possible calculation you could draw from them.

    So far I analyze the speed and the distance to a lead car (ghost), maybe the usage of throttle and brake. but I could image to get even more valuable info with your help! So let me know if you have some more knowledge about the columns! Thanks


    lap Which lap the driver was in
    londistlap Distance lap
    odo Distance complete
    x y z the current position - you can record a ghost lap, take the position from that lap and put it in relation to the driver and receive the DISTANCE. Good for vehicle follow tasks!
    fuel how much fuel is in the car
    gear which gear
    rpm Rounds per minute
    ax ay az
    vx vy vz the velocity in the different directions - calculation of speed by vector analyzis sqrt(vx²+vy²+vz²)*3.6

    clutch clutch usage
    brake how much is the brake pressed
    throttle how much is the gaspedal used
    m_s acceleration?
    steer0steer1steer2steer3 - why are there only results for 0 and 1?!

    time timestamp