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Documentaries, got any?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Just finished watching Soupcons or "The Stairway Killer"
    Awesome documentary where you always wonder if he did it or not.
    8 chapters or episodes of 46 minutes each.
    It´s interesting in many ways as you not only have this murder case but you also get a view of how lawyers and judges work.
    There are some pretty interesting "twists" in the story :)


    Just looked at the trailer of "The Cove" about dolphins in Japan. (I´m sure you have seen some footage of slaughtered dolphins)
    Seems quite interesting,

    Found this great list too and i´m essentially just chipping of all the ones i find interesting.
  2. Scratch the dolphin doc, i´m watching Samsara instead, that one looks amazing.
  3. Love the form, even though the term documentary has become a bit devalued with all the reality type shows calling themselves docos.

    here is an almost definitive list of some of the best docs from the last 25 years:

    good luck finding all the episodes - they are out there and I've seen most of this list. Some, like the King of Kong, I'd never seen and turn out to be bloody marvelous when you track them down.
  4. Saw Samsara yesterday. wow....

    Not a single word is said through the whole doc....because you don´t need any.
    Beautiful, disturbing, cool, bit scary, interesting etc i recommend that visual onslaught to anyone, definitely worth seeing!

    Thanks will check out King of Kong!

    Edit: watched Kong of Kong now....man that Billy....he´s the type of person you would have no problems punching in the face.
  5. Another cool doc, this time about Gold. Pretty cool story about France in it ;)

  6. "This film not yet [R]ated" is a good one on the MPAA rating system for movies and the corrupt people on the board. Stars Kevin Smith definately worth a watch.