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Do the standard cars have a cockpit view?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Blake-Lee Danher, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. this post pretty much explains it self but does any one have any evidence to prove that they do or they dont have a cockpitveiw?
  2. No they dont. It has been confirmed by Kaz some time ago.
  3. what does this mean, only race cars have cock pit?

    thats crap if so.
  4. only premium cars have cockpits
  5. oh thats rather dissapointing
  6. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Does that mean we get no 'in car' view to drive from on most of the cars? I can't drive cars from behind...
  7. i guess we get the veiw gt4 had like on the bonnet
  8. All the standard cars are models from GT4 and GT5 Prologue, from what i can tell. I know GT4 didnt have cockpit view so you wont get it with any of those models.
  9. it are heavily updated models tough! A guy with the game said in the mixed race he couldn't tell which car was premium or standard..
  10. look at the bugatti veyron, it's standard and it looks like a premium :)
  11. I think the only difference you'll actually notice is inside the car (maybe if you see through the window or something) or when the cars get damaged (visually, I don't know about mechanical damage :)), because on premium cars panels will buckle and come off, whilst on standards they can only get scratched and dented.
  12. Got the game today, and I can confirm this. I have nearly 20 cars and all the standards ones don't have the cockpit view :((
  13. How did u get the game a week early. I want the game a week early. This isn't fair (sad face)
  14. WTG on getting the game!!!

    can you tell us if the standard cars offer a bonnet view? I thought they would only have a bumperview and roofview and not a bonnet view.
  15. It's confirmed that there is only roofview and no bonnet ;)
  16. Whilst its a heck of a downer for many, that not all the cars will come with interior cockpit view, I am more used to driving with the view from the bumper, as I did in all the previous releases of the GT series, so for me personally it won't come as that much of a let down.

    Still, my I'm all-right Jack attitude doesn't take away the disappointment that standard cars have no cockpit view.

  17. but here, the guy is changing cameras and it has the camera from the hood
  18. it's a bad news! :(