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Do I need All These Racing Sims?

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by peteduggan35, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Looking at my hard disk space now I am thinking to myself do a really need all these racing sims. Since Project Cars has come along it has made me think long and hard about what sims to ditch as there is a lot of duplication now
    I have:-
    F1 2014
    Assetto Corsa
    Project Cars
    Nascar Racing Season 2003
    Grid Autosport
    Stock Car Extreme
    Racing Room Experience
    Dirt Rally

    I may ditch the last 4 !
  2. I have pCARS, AC, RRE, SCE.

    If I had to keep just one, I'd keep SCE.
  3. lol delete them all and get the one that sets them all apart..........IRACING.

    You left the best one out and this is why your thirst has not been quenched young padawan.
  4. ouvert


    Ditching GSC? U CRAZY? :)
    seriously.. Grid "uninstallmeandforgetyouhaveeverplayedme" autosport is easy winner for ditching..

    Than you can merge gtr2 and gpl by installing P&G.
    F1 not a sim an you have far better openwhellers in GSC.
    Ditch rF and get best rf mods for GSC.
    AC is missing a lot but definitely a keeper.
    RACE 07 is fine package for good old times
    pCars... Let's keep it and see what happens
    Nascar... I have 4 left turns in my apartment so I'm good without it :)
    R3E.. Looking forward to upcoming changes and that sound
    Dirt rally... Well you don't really have another option except rbr
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  5. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    GTL/GTR2/Race07/rFactor, still on PC but hardly ever fire them up now apart from trying out a mod. SCE is my go to sim due to the PC being a bit stone age, but a new PC is in the pipeline so I kinda the opposite what newer sim's do I install. off topic alert :rolleyes:

    In the end of the day they all do the same thing :whistling:
  6. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Funny enough I was only looking at the long list of sims on my system the other day and wondering how I ended up with so many.

    I have,

    Assetto Corsa
    Project Cars
    Dirt Rally

    And really apart from iracing I just dip in and out of most of the others as the mood takes me or there is either new content or update out.

    But I can never quite bring myself to delete any of them because when I do want to play I do still really enjoy them all.

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  7. I'll give u 2 suggestions. 1) If u haven't played them in the last month ditch them. 2) if u ever find yourself bored and wishing u hadn't ditched them then go get some exercise or deal with your real life for as long as it takes to regain your sim racing motivation. A.D.D. racing is good for no one.
  8. ditch --

    f1 2014 (if youll be getting 2015)

    id def keep the last 3, unless youre waiting for dirt rally to progress some more. the above takes care of the insipid & redundant (sce is essentially rfactor++; you can use almost any rf mod w/ it, but you cant use reiza content w/ rfactor)
  9. its an A+ list! im an add racer myself & i flip between all of those frequently.

    speaking of which, if you dont ever use gtr2 or gtl, those are very ditchable imo. they just offer some cars & experiences you cant get in other sims. theyll also free up the least hdd space/take the least time to download, depending how you look at that.