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Do AI car pit after patch?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by plague, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. I really wonder about this. First of all, I'm not an expert or using a wheel. I am playing with easy level with all the assistance on. In the 1st race, I struggled to get a good time and finally I ended up as 18th in qualifying.

    Then the race started and I got a strong lead and overtook many to reach 14th. Fought with Bari for 13th until my tires got bad (started with option tire and drove for 7 laps. Had tire settings enabled to make that part realistic) and I started losing time. But nobody overtook me for 7 laps and then I pitted.

    My pit stop was reasonable (7.33) and I joined the race again as 19th. I thought maybe because those in front of me haven't pitted yet and kept on racing. I did not reach my best lap (the one I did in 3rd lap with option tires) after my pitstop but I was always maintaining the same lap time (+1sec of my best lap) until the end of the race. And I ended up as 18th (1 retire).

    I don't understand why that happened. Nobody overtook me and I couldn't have lost that much time in my pitstop to compensate 5 people in front of me to take a lead. Only reason they would have had advantage over me is if they didn't pit. It was a 20 lap race but everyone must pit atleast once right for the tire change atleast?

    Also, how do you see the current racers standings during the race? I can see my standing and the 1 before me and 1 after me. And I also see the lead racer. But nobody else or what their pit standings for me to evaluate who haven't pitted in front of me. It would have been very helpful to know that.

    I would appreciate it if someone can let me know.
  2. OK

    i take it you have installed the patch and the patch error fix, i had issues like that on the origional game before the patch, the problem is if your well down the field say 25 - 40 secs behind and you pit there is a chance you will be nearly a full lap down when you come out of the pits, 7 secs is slow but its only your first season, i pit around 4.3secs atm, but taking the pit lane entrance and exit that can make the whole deal around 30 secs. you wont see anbody as they are catching you behind so they can pit and you still wont see them,,,sucks eh.

    Keep at it m8 and use the setups in the forum, i use a lot of brams as they are faily quick or to print a full list of i used some of these http://pdfcast.org/pdf/f1-2010-car-setups

    Seing the current races is a issue and difficult, but imagine your in a actual race, they dont have a heads up display in their helmet so its up to the race engineer to tell you. normaly if someones aroun d 5 secs in front or behind they tell you, but apart from that your 'On your own Luke, use the force.

    i guess the only you can do if you behind, and i do is make a guess when to pit, AI pit around the 4 lap mark on a 12 -14 on a 20% race unless webber crashes into them and they have to pit, use full damage as it gives a better idea of pits, AI cars with no damage will just fly around and bang of everything with having to pit.

    sorry if i aint helped,

    PS get a wheel it will take around 5 secs a lap or more of your times, nice and smooth and throttle and brake control is the key.

    We also race ever sunday, check the pc sunday racer we have a few spots free, its carnage sometimes but good to see real racers and how they behave on the track, or not in my case ..

  3. I did install the patch but didn't hear about a patch error fix. Is that significant?

    As for the race, I tried again in Bahrain and I got to P10 and I was about 10 secs from the guy in front of me and 3secs from the guy behind me when I pitted (at lap 5 instead of 7). Came out and joined the rest at P22. I did not see the guy in front of me pit at all throughout the race (I messed up a turn and spun in lap 15. Gave up finishing the race).

    FYI, I'm doing 40% races. I'm also still learning to drive manually using the damn controllers. Really hard to get used to it.

    I wish I could get a wheel. Unfortunately I don't have the space to fit the wheel setup. Where do you have it setup (just curious)? Do you have the chair for it? That was pretty expensive last time I checked.
  4. g27.jpg

    what i would do is do the 20% to start with, and learn the car, i started by having the fuel tyres off and slowly turned others off. mind you even with my super dooper wheel its still rock hard with manual gears and traction, abs off. start slowly mate and use the TT for getting used to the assist in off. sound like your doing ok though.
  5. Guess that's what I have to do. I thought I was doing really well when I raised up the positions initially but then when I drop to the tail end after pitstop, it frustrates me to hell. And when no one else seems to pit and drop behind me, it really annoys me.

    My 2nd race pitstop was around 4.5sec (excluding the drive in and out which will be the same for everyone). So I should see people behind me because there's no way I could have dropped 10 places gap time (I can't evaluate the gap time since I can't see it anywhere) in 3 laps (assuming they stopped at lap 7 unlike me who stopped in lap 5).

    By the way, nice setup. One of my dreams is to setup multi-screen desktop with surround speakers covering the room. That is once I get my own place. Living in a rented bedsit limits your expansion. :)
  6. If there is a train of cars behind you, you may be holding them up. If you pit before they pit, all of a sudden they may lap faster than you and by the time they do their pit stop they have built enough of a lead on you where they may be coming out in front of you. When I was driving for the HRT team (one of the slower cars in the game) I wasn't sure if all of my AI opponents were pitting. But now that I am in a slightly faster car (the Toro Rosso) I see them pit.
  7. LOL! I nearly spat my drink all over the screen when I read that!
  8. lol, well its kinda true, besides Alonso has to pit early or late depends when he throws his teddy out of the cock pit in a tantrum,
  9. I tell you what we do have some character's in F1 don't we ! But all the character's nowadays seem to be always in a bad mood and scowling and blame everyone but themselves when it goes wrong or maybe I am looking back with rose tint's ?
    It used to be a gentleman's sport for those who could afford it now they seem to let anybody who has xp with a controller drive one ! When Sir Frank goes that will be the end of non commercial F1 (he must live forever :D)