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DMP Real World Pack F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gary Thompson, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Anyone tried this mod :- Real World Pack


    # All Formula 1 cars were given an adjustment to the Formula 1 racing season of 2010.

    # Tires: Hard and soft slicks, intermediates, and rain tires were created from scratch (including the seams tire and rubber compounds).
    # Wheels retreaded
    # New Fahzeuggestänge, metal and carbon fiber parts, Felgeninnseiten more.
    # Textures for the tire wear, increases per round.
    # Texture for mud, gravel, dust, etc., everything in connection with the tires.
    # Blowouts

    # Interface:

    # Speed Meter
    Funk # Boxes
    # Pitlimiter
    # Temperature Display
    # Cooling
    # False travel representation in the form of a real F1 steering wheel
    # And more ...

    "Real world" textures and effects:

    # Spray, water spray
    # Behavior rain, rain, running tracks, speeds and directions
    # Light / shadow
    Street # Appearances
    # Clouds, fog and haze
    # Turf and grass
    # Glass effects
    # Dust. Grains, leaves
    # Impact textures
    Tail # F1 cars
    # Trees voluminous
    # Color values and reflections
    # Votes textures and effects to partly cloudy, cloudy, light and heavy rain and darkness
    # And much, much more
  2. Looks nice, however I don't understand German so I'm not sure where to download it. :p
  3. you try it ! you will be our guinea pig ! lol i went to the site and translated it . they have great pics , but you have to manualy change files , im not good at that so i will wait for someone to try it first .
  4. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    Don't waste your time.........
  5. any explanation ?
  6. IMO this mod ruins the look of the game completely if you have most of RD mods installed, there is no comparison at all, whether i just did not have things set right i am not sure but the worst bit is the light and the tyres, tyres look awful once worn. The mod may look good with DX11 or with a better spec of PC/Graphics but i wish i had not installed.