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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Harriergr7, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I'm new here so this is my first post. I'm dougie, Virgin racing fan.

    just wondered if there is any news on DLC for the 360. CLassic cars tracks and drivers would be my starting point. Senna and Mansell driving the old FW14b and the classic Mclarens.

    probably a long shot knowing codemasters but it would be good.


  2. Has far as I know codemasters have the license from the FIA till 2013 and plan to develop another two more games at least. So I dont think there is going to be any DLC whats so ever. But if there was alot of demand for Classic cars then maybe codemaster would consider it. (Longshot)
  3. I agree, old tracks and old cars, would be a great DLC and they would make a small fortune for the add on.

    Seems stupid not to do it nowadays, but time constraints may be a problem with the first game, may be 2011.

    You could do a 60s, 70s and 80s download, 5 tracks from the era and a set of cars

    Sterling Moss to Mansell, Fangio to senna.

    And Tracks like

    Brands Hatch 1964-86
    Detroit Street Circuit 82-88
    Ceasers Palace Vegas 1981-82
    Donington 1993
    Aintree 1955-1962

    Could be a money spinner......
  4. yeah that would rock because the classic F1 cars are raw harder to drive but i would consider them to be better
  5. I look forward to the track with the corner thats really high, 3 and 4 times the size of INDY, dont know where they are.

    The car is almost vertical on the banking.

    There was one in England that still exists, but only the bend part.

    And them 70's F1 cars just slide sideways round corners...

  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium


    when photographers were still men :)
  7. 3.23

    i love the chicane about half way through, He has the car sideways both ways around the chicane lol...
  8. Let's be honest, would you rather see DLC or more features for the current group of cars / bugs fixed....
  9. Well the bugs shouldnt be there, i dont pay for them, i pay for a game that works.

    I think the game, when fixed, will be good, extra features will be nice in future games they have it to 2013 as far as im aware.

    But they are missing a trick if they dont have DLC. The revenue could double the game sales, and this could help finance future content.
  10. Don't forget the old Adelaide track we hate Melbourne for taking the race away. Pricks
  11. It would be awesome, but won't happen. CM has no license to do it.