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DIY Wooden budget sim rig with plans/sketchup

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by minidriver, May 29, 2016.

  1. minidriver



    Thought I'd share the sketchup plans for my budget wooden sim rig. Please note the seat in the model is a little small so makes the actual rig look bigger than it is. The actual dimensions are 1340mm (53") x 574mm (22.5")





    It is based around a GT car cockpit with a reasonably high steering wheel. I just look over the wheel when seated, and have it so I am looking at the middle of screen height.

    It is fully adjustable
    • steering wheel - height, rake, reach
    • seat (dependent on what you install) - height, rake, reach
    • pedals - reach and rake
    This was designed around scrap wood I had and this dictated my design. The majority of it can be built from 1 piece of 2400*450*27mm ply/mdf. The base is 1340*540*26mm ply. You could reduce the thickness to save weight/cost, but might require some added bracing. As it is in the plans, it is rock solid - I have no doubts that it would support an OSW. I haven't built the part surrounding the seat - this is purely cosmetic.

    The connectors I used to assemble are:


    and https://2ecffd01e1ab3e9383f0-07db7b...x800/651e4029-734d-4f5d-9172-fbe0be70731d.jpg

    and https://2ecffd01e1ab3e9383f0-07db7b...x800/0b1c8cc8-0351-40f7-8d7b-2cedb1271ce5.jpg

    and other assorted screws - some M6 and M5 cap head bolts to secure the wheel etc.

    The castors I used are (3"):


    So to the plans and pics

    sketchup download:


    image gallery including renders (gulf racing colour scheme of course!)


    Any queries just ask!

    One mod I will be making - putting a base to the pedal unit with slots and knob screws so it can be more easily adjusted. Currently there are multiple holes in the base that it can be attached via.

    Total cost in Aus was <$200 (screws and hardware, castors, paint, sliders for keyboard tray etc.) but I got the wood for free. Obviously excluding the seat and wheel!

    As a guide it took me two days to cut the wood, drill the holes, insert the threaded inserts and assemble the main rig. About 3 days to paint - paint drying takes ages!

    I didn't include the keyboard draw in the plans, I can add this if people want it.

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  2. lothario


    Looks awesome, thanks for sharing.
  3. hejsan_456


    That slide-out keyboard tray was a very awesome idea, I always have my keyboard lying beside my rig but I will most likely borrow this design.
  4. minidriver


    yep it works fantastically. I used soft/auto closing sliders. just a quick shove and it goes back into place.I hate the idea of having the kboard off to the side, especially in a full race seat. really wanted the keyboard directly in front of me. also provides a nice flat surface for mouse/remotes/whatevers.