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DIY Sound Fix for Silent Mod Cars.

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rufus Baggsby, May 25, 2015.

  1. Firstly hold auditions. Find the Kunos car that gives you the sound you want for the silent mod. In the following example I have used the Lotus 49 as the sound donor (all cars should sound like that anyway ::)

    This may seem a bit complicated, but it really isn't. Anyway, the worst that can happen is you end up with no sound on the Mod Car, so you're no worse off.

    In Windows Explorer locate the file called GUIDs.txt in
    Copy it and paste it somewhere safe, somewhere you will be able to find it after, like My Documents.
    Open the version you just copied in Notepad. Every line that contains the name of a car that is NOT your chosen donor car must be deleted.

    You should end up with a file like this (except it will show the name of your chosen donor car rather than lotus_49)::

    {f1990ac3-801a-4396-8645-fd657e4d33d7} bank:/lotus_49
    {0866d50a-4902-4ecd-bc3a-fe3bae75ddc2} bank:/garage_dark
    {01a4acd5-640f-4282-a6b2-7394d3f5e8a9} bank:/hangar
    {54e23136-2c84-4e4f-adc0-538e7e72e5cf} bank:/industrial
    {4f6969ac-b7e1-45e5-84f1-31bc6f135357} bank:/showroom
    {2a5a4477-0c06-4a9b-ab0a-baaf52186fc3} bank:/sunset
    {08f6ba78-f576-4f9f-a232-47657d5fec19} bus:/
    {378981f8-2b16-4f5d-8911-bd454df05e6b} bus:/CARS
    {449b1cf9-dc7f-46a7-87db-dc7fa76bcf85} bus:/EXTERIOR sounds
    {19c2aa16-2752-46c7-ad80-57f852200f35} bus:/EXTERIOR sounds/Skid EXT
    {ee0e6430-ba19-4c05-a201-d9c00f8fd1f7} bus:/Wind and Wheels
    {61e13a9c-887e-4b94-8d11-12ba197b6c22} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wheels (closed cars)
    {759fd77f-a073-4974-b3e5-21f706fa01b9} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wheels (open wheels)
    {4ce682d5-0cc5-4845-a6b5-eb8b073e2959} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wind (closed cars)
    {bb7998e4-68b3-45ea-9308-e015dde4ef11} bus:/Wind and Wheels/wind (open wheels)
    {a5019ec0-6d9b-4e4b-b999-17d8383f1d84} bus:/common
    {16499e6d-8b98-4718-84b6-8a0240ad9607} event:/cars/lotus_49/backfire_ext
    {9c74e41a-a5c2-47b9-97b3-19c038dc2634} event:/cars/lotus_49/backfire_int
    {5a8333c2-42ee-4e23-b485-8e6503b00a9e} event:/cars/lotus_49/bodywork
    {2add81ff-9dc2-4a9f-9888-26e8c6fb4af1} event:/cars/lotus_49/engine_ext
    {b774a9f5-bfd2-4be7-ab51-32ebc272c02a} event:/cars/lotus_49/engine_int
    {977d29d3-13c2-41c5-8eff-eb086a2ff84f} event:/cars/lotus_49/gear_ext
    {25b2d4b7-da76-44b2-b390-6f104865cc62} event:/cars/lotus_49/gear_grind
    {577562d4-09f7-458d-9616-1b6218376c44} event:/cars/lotus_49/gear_int
    {913a9310-f145-468a-b027-9d45823d813a} event:/cars/lotus_49/limiter
    {896d3700-c647-471f-8145-45cbcb5da50e} event:/cars/lotus_49/skid_ext
    {5cab01eb-e14f-4e81-84bf-094fc3775c82} event:/cars/lotus_49/skid_int
    {7dd86c2d-d60d-4f3d-8d05-30b8aa269ed7} event:/cars/lotus_49/tractioncontrol_ext
    {aaa94d09-f642-458e-87b6-6eaa1856fa13} event:/cars/lotus_49/tractioncontrol_int
    {43d51703-e2c6-4391-9e6e-c2cd1c433acf} event:/cars/lotus_49/wheel
    {004dcd56-955e-48e6-b031-40d3298e8c3a} event:/cars/lotus_49/wind
    {e7a0a53c-47d9-43bc-b7b8-e52d665bb16f} event:/collisions/car/hit
    {30da2dc2-9c09-4556-8501-c6d54f63b689} event:/collisions/car/scrape
    {68d68373-2ebb-41cc-9825-fa6dcc0027c2} event:/collisions/object/hit
    {4bd6b486-ac12-483a-8e9e-4f587f8ec27f} event:/collisions/track/hit
    {e7c31cb2-ac8d-4a2a-abc0-855cf9dff82e} event:/collisions/track/scrape
    {4cc7ac44-8aaf-4473-91ea-aeca681ab958} event:/common/ambience
    {d1f12277-fe8f-4106-9fb2-3de595d54a1c} event:/common/dirt
    {f5666b9c-c659-459c-85bd-0eff6e92f7eb} event:/common/screw
    {deae65e4-a5a7-4810-8adb-277fe4a96aa3} event:/common/unscrew
    {e12a70e7-e6f0-4f8e-af53-0c06327a5a1d} event:/showrooms/garage_dark
    {378180d6-640f-40ef-90a0-c4bda57b37df} event:/showrooms/hangar
    {29246fa1-207d-44a5-8938-3592f26d38f6} event:/showrooms/industrial
    {f12c4de3-d817-4689-8985-f3a55d2274fc} event:/showrooms/showroom
    {b4184b4e-69e3-4699-af52-02f0783ec2ea} event:/showrooms/sunset
    {2cf5323a-2b34-4e01-ab6c-d0d6183d4ba7} event:/surfaces/extraturf
    {62b4885a-92af-4af5-9f6d-2a467ffa2e3f} event:/surfaces/grass
    {599532a9-5dac-40b8-8458-b0d16f89699a} event:/surfaces/kerb
    {7aa66622-f8c0-45b0-9650-89f6fc14cab1} event:/surfaces/sand
    {ba82f681-7ba4-44c9-a8a7-e7dc95d453d1} snapshot:/Exterior Reverb
    {a657fc05-b25c-4111-8dd1-c0dadbb5205e} vca:/Engine EXT
    {1207f2b6-7aae-4912-8b2b-ec4d1471a201} vca:/Engine INT
    {4578a1b8-25a7-427b-a8d0-7fabacb9a10e} vca:/backfire EXT
    {3fe51a61-de17-4b62-9d20-1526a20d3aa2} vca:/backfire INT
    {ceff60c4-5f22-4a80-af70-28cc1ca91c32} vca:/gearint_H
    {eed6d155-e23d-4589-a2fb-2d5cc4165ba6} vca:/gearint_paddles
    {08cd60e5-84a9-4953-813f-bdbe54f1e710} vca:/gearint_stick
    {c8749f27-6fd7-4c67-8641-32c93aa8d3d8} vca:/limiter
    {317feda0-c8e9-4f54-845d-ce0491ea1be4} vca:/surfaces
    {e18b58af-e0c3-4595-80af-aabf0908701d} vca:/transmission

    Whilst still in Notepad use Edit, Replace
    In Find what enter the name of the mod car you are fixing exactly as it appears in the lines you have left in the GUIDs file. For example lotus_49.
    In the Replace with box enter the name of the mod you want to fix in exactly the format used in it's cars content\cars\ folder name. For example lamborghini_miura_sv
    Now click Replace All

    Save the Notepad file as GUIDs.txt in the sfx folder of the mod car you are fixing. For example:
    C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\lamborghini_miura_sv\sfx\GUIDs.txt and overwrite the existing one.

    OK, almost there...

    Go to the sfx folder of your chosen donor car in WIndows Explorer. In my example it would be:
    Locate the file with the .bank extension , in my case lotus_49.bank
    Copy the file.
    Go to the sfx folder of the mod car you are fixing. In my example it would be:
    Now paste the file you have just copied into that folder.
    You will notice that there is already another file in that folder with the .bank extension. In my example it would be lamborghini_miura_sv.bank That's the old one that no longer works and needs replacing.
    Delete this file.
    Now rename the new .bank file you just pasted in there to match the file you just deleted. In my example it would be from lotus_49.bank to lamborghini_miura_sv.bank

    Et voilà!

    You should be aware that underscores and lowercase letters are extremely relevant and should not be missed out or substituted.

    PS: 10 minutes after I posted this I realised I had made a bit of a muckin' fuddle of it, but I was on the way to the dentist by then. Now it's fine... unlike my mouth.
    Last edited: May 25, 2015
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  2. I downloaded the Dodge Daytona Charger and it had no engine sound, I found this post but did it slightly differently. I also have the Dodge Charger RT Magnum, I swapped the sound.bank file from it and changed the name like above. Then I got the Magnums guids.txt file from the same folder as the sound.bank file (not the one from the common SFX folder) and opened it in notepad like above, and did the replace thing changing all the references from the Magnum to the Daytona Charger like above.
    Tried it and it worked a treat, thanks to Rufus Bagsby's post it showed me what was necessary.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  3. Forgive me please but this fix is useless. Better way is extract bank file and fix original sound for car.
  4. How do you do that?

    And not being rude it was the only way I could find to fix it. The GUID's file was one someone copied from the main SFX directory and was 72kb's so it was screwed up also.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  5. I can't give you solution but if you want I can unpack bank for you?
  6. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    Or you can just use Content Manager and do this same thing with just a few clicks in about five seconds. Go to Content, click on the car that needs fixing, click Update Sound, click on the car whose sound you want to use, done. :thumbsup:
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  7. With locked .bank file?
  8. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    AFAIK you can replace any mod car sound with any Kunos car sound with just a few clicks in Content Manager. I've done about two dozen and they all worked fine.
  9. This is useless solution if you have original engine sound.
  10. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    The OP is about replacing mod car sounds with Kunos car sounds. That's what Content Manager does but with only a few clicks and no copy/paste or editing of files.
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  11. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla
    Premium Member

    Interesting. I kind of assumed the GUIDs for original cars where built into the car somehow, and never knew they just were elsewhere.

    Content Manager isn't an option because I really like the original theme. So this is certainly worth a good try.
  12. Well, it's not a fix, it's a workaround. There is no fix. You just cannot "fix" the original sounds without updating them in FMOD, period.
  13. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    Just use Content Manager to swap sounds then exit and run AC as normal.
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  14. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium Member

    Semantics. It 'fixes' the fact that some mod vehicles have no sound at all. ;)
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  15. I was responding to the comments above that want the original sound, not Kunos's sounds. There is no fix for that if the original modder doesn't update it.
  16. The car I swapped the bank and guid files from has the same or very similar engine, to the Charger so I think it's pretty close to how it should sound.