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DIY Racing Motion Seats + X Sim

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by QuadCoreMax, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm still researching & I probably imagine that some of you already might know about X Sim & 2 DOF Racing Sim Motion Systems...

    Those systems are really what we are looking for & really affordable, it could cost you around 1000$ ONLY !

    Please check those links :

    X Sim
    X Sim Supported Games
    SimParts YT

    Please discuss anything related to this subject here, I'm curious to hear your thoughts...:cool:
  2. For those that don't have the patience to assemble or the amount of money of increasing their sim racing "immersion", it looks like you can create or buy for some bucks some "Bass Shakers aka Tactical Transducer".

    Basically, it is mounted on your seat & translate the sound frequency into your body. In racing / sim games, you feel the engine, kerbs, braking etc. vibrations as you would with your steeringwheel.

    Now, integrate this with a 2/4/6 DOF sim seat + a DK2 & you ready to never come back to REALITY. :)