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diy pedals or commercial ones

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by razzta01, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to gather as much info as possible to decide to buid my DIY pedals or just buy some commercial ones (he pro or similar).
    I am evaluating the cost as the main factor for taking a decission.
    I read this some articles about it. Some examples:
    http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/my-diy-pedal-project-wip.74551/#post-1521617 or
    Important is to have at least a load cell in the brake.
    I wanted to ask here in the forum if someone can share with me their sketck/design and pics of his DIY pedals.
    Also, what was the cost of it and -if you still have it- the detailed parts list + the store where you bought them?
    I know maybe I am asking too much, but any help is welcome. I live in a place where you can´t find things so easily and everything ordered from intenet pays duty import costs.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Have already asked in other forums and no answer yet.
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  2. ouvert


    i have diys and I would say they are much better than T3PA Pro pedals for example .. price wise I would be somewhere around T3PA non-pro version (work/time not included) .. bit higher perhaps, havent really kept the record of every bolt and wire .. for few extra bucks I can upgrade to hydraulic as I made it "upgrade ready" ... so if you are fine with something on T3PA Pro level just buy commercial ones I guess ... if you enjoy creating something from a scratch and having pedals that feels more realistic go ahead and try DIY :) there is a plenty of inspiration on net ..

    EDIT: oh I noticed you wanna something on HE pedals level .. that is completely different price range .. you`ll get close with construction but industrial level pots, control board, cell, etc will relfect on price
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  3. Hi Ouvert,
    Thx for quick replay. It is good to hear your build was around 180$ (more or less). I love to create things so this is not an issue. Of course I do not have access to top cnc equipment, but this is not a must.
    Can you show me your pedals so that I can check for you design?
    I mentioned the HE Pro´s (2 pedal set 600eur) since I thought a DIY pedal set will cost more or less between 300-500 $, so maybe keeping my g25 for several months and saving saving money would make more sense than going the DIY route. I also read about hydraulic DIY pedals in the 650$ range making me doubt about it again.
    I made rough numbers for material cost based on majorthinker´s design (for brake only):
    • short spring (6Nm/mm) 1 >>> ?
    • alu >>> ? (depends on design)
    • combined with 72mm of 70A Fibroelast urethane elastomers 3 >>>> 3,00$
    • 72mm of 80A Fibroelast urethane elastomers 3 >>>>3,00$
    • 6mm threaded rod 1 >>>> ?
    • 8mm Teflon (PTFE) tube with a 6mm inner diameter on eBay 1 >>>> ?
    • M6 Female RH HIGH PERFORMANCE 6mm Rose Joint Rod End 6 1 >>>>> 8,00$
    • 70kg load cell-wii fit 1>>> 14,00$
    • bidirectional oil dampers - Bansbach >>>> 22,00$
    • USB Interface Boards > BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller 1 >>>> 33,00$
    • Standalone Load Cell Amplifier 1 >>> 13,00$
    TOTAL: 96$

    I think if anyone can confirm this numbers this is the route to go. What do you think?
  4. fortyfivekev


    I made my own pedals last year and wrote up some stuff about it here,


    The design is similar to some others you see online so nothing new there. My main motivation was that I just like making stuff rather than to save cash or to get anything particularly awesome and I don't really have a good handle on what they cost.

    I made a couple of changes to them since writing up the details. I swapped the hall sensor on the accelerator pedal for a traditional potentiometer and linkage just because it seems smoother and more reliable and also changed to a smaller spring on the accelerator as the original was making my foot tired. I am very happy with them so far.

    I tried both a 30kg and 60kg load cell on the brake and find the 30kg one enough for me. You might find a 70kg one tiring if you are doing long races + the pedals need to be pretty strong to take repeated 70kg efforts.

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead with your project.
  5. Hi,
    I'm in the process of building a DIY pedals as well, just for the pleasure of doing it.
    I have found recently a nice DIY, really small package, with a good solution for the slave cylinder:
    The Slave Cylinder is a Hydraulic Clutch Cylinder conversion for motorbikes:

    For the potentiometers i will use this:
    And connect them to the pedal with some RC Servo Horns.

    I'm aware you will use Load Cell, but, i leave here this option.

    Tiago Viana
  6. Hi Tiago,
    Thx for your post. It looks really god. Just curious, could you post a pic with the complete setup (including electronics) installed?
    I think the load cell way might be easier for me. But it´s great to gather all possible info available.
    Is there any difference in "feel" of this hydraulic vs load cell?